Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Mother’s Love Which is Unsurpassable

 My little guy turned eight last week but it was all a blur.

My week had been hectic to say the least. Work was beyond busy all five days and it all culminated with a Friday evening birthday party with a few of Shane’s closest mates sleeping over. The party was a success and fun was had by all, but it was definitely a lot of organizing and hard work for my husband and myself.

As a family, we took it easy on Sunday to recuperate from all the fun weekend activities so, by the time Monday rolled around, I was starting to feel back to my normal self yet a bit melancholy.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was bothering me and then it dawned on me, my baby is no longer a baby.

At eight-years-old, Shane has begun to sprout up and is now a little over 4 feet tall. We actually have meaningful conversations and, at times, he surprises me by his level of maturity and astuteness. Shane is one of the most easy-going (just like my husband) and down-to-earth little boys. However, at times, he still acts like the eight-year-old that he is and this is a huge relief to me. But I am blown away, when did my baby grown into a full-fledged little boy?

It seems like just yesterday that he was born; in diapers; learning to crawl and walk; to talk; eat solid foods. I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to be at home for the first three years of his life. 
When he started preschool, it was perfect timing for me to return to the workforce and we both thrived. Being an only child, a majority of his time was spent with me – and even though he had regular play dates – he was really missing the socialization with his peers. It didn’t take long for him to adjust to his new schedule, Shane absolutely loved preschool. He even made his very own buddy – another only child (at the time) – Dylan.

Today, I feel that my role as a full-time working mom limits my time with Shane so I always work hard to make the most of these moments with my son. So you can imagine how I am so proud I am of him; I can hardly believe that Jason and I have nurtured and created such an amazing human being. I know that having two working parents has helped Shane to be independent, and being an only child has forced him to cultivate his imagination and be outgoing. 


Last night, I was looking at him while reading a bedtime story and I realized that Shane has come into his own. He has his own likes, dislikes, thoughts and – as he is growing more intelligent – opinions. I am beyond mesmerized when I look upon this young innocent who doesn’t have a deviant bone in his body.

Shane makes me want to be a better person; A better mother. I never used to worry about the consequences of my actions no matter how big or small. Today, I find myself working to create the most healthful life that I can for my family. Not just for Shane, but also for Jason and I so we can make sure to be around to bear witness to all those wonderful dreams of joy that parents envision for their children: high school graduation, college graduation, marriage, children of their own…among other things.

Yet, a part of me really wants to keep my little guy little. I don’t want him to get older and moody from teenage angst; to be too old to cuddle with his mama. That is why I am working hard to live in the moment. To enjoy those mundane Tuesday nights at home and the banality of having an ordinary dinner together. 

Life is about the big milestones, but it is all the average days linked between which build toward those momentous events and that, my friend, is what life is truly about.

All the while, nothing can surpass my mother's love.

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