Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two In-Vince-able Collections

I committed a fashion faux pas.

At first, I wasn’t even aware of my transgression but, after doing a little research, I realized that I have confused two fashion brands: VINCE and Vince Camuto.

Now, this is not surprising and, on occasion, I must live up to my blond hair.  Such as the Louboutin debacle:  I own two pair of the iconic red-soled shoes yet it took me three fashion seasons to be able to say the brand name without stuttering or second guessing myself. 

So, with all the different designers and brands out there, I simply can’t assume all the responsibility to know everything about everything, but I certainly try. 

So, in this case, I realized that I had to educate myself and figure out the difference between VINCE and Vince Camuto.

VINCE, a contemporary clothing line for women and men, was founded in 2002 by Rea Laccone and Christopher LaPolice on the principals of iconic design and superior quality, according to Wikipedia. Sold to the Kellwood Company in September 2006, the organization is continuing to grow its brand in retail shops throughout the U.S. and online.

VINCE Fall 2011
Now, the VINCE Fall 2011 collection was what originally piqued my interest. Its comfortable silhouettes, archetypal tailoring all wrapped up with some cutting-edge quality, spoke to me.  Although, in my opinion, the layered knits, maxi skirts, sparkle dresses and basic tees are just too pricey for basic closet staples. 

With the exception of the shearling jackets, fur vests and wraps – which are fabulous -- however, I am confident that less expensive options are available.

But once I visited the Vince Camuto website, I was suddenly much more optimistic. 

Camuto, a co-founder of the Nine West Group, Inc., is now CEO/CCO of the fashion company Camuto Group, which provides design, sourcing, marketing and production services to over 5,400 department and independent retailers throughout the world, according to Wikipedia. 

Wikipedia also states that the namesake line, Vince Camuto, started as a footwear collection, but in the last six years, he had partnered and expanded the brand to include clothing and accessories as well.

One look at the Fall 2011 Ad Campaign and I knew I had to have several pieces for my own.

Vince Camuto Fall 2011
The inspiration, American actress and model Carolyn Murphy, the face and body of the newest line has adorned the pages of every fashion rag out.  Being able to see the clothing styled with the accessories and footwear offers a visual stimulation that agreed with my senses.

The Fall collection, which like VINCE, includes many basic staples but it exudes a seductive quality that has a much more wallet-friendly price point.

Also, the Vince Camuto line also offers some faux fur options with prices starting around $200 as opposed to the VINCE real fur pieces which range from $475 for a fur collar to $2,000 for a fur jacket.

VINCE is certainly the brand which offers a higher-end quality but along with that comes a more expensive price tag.  But there is no doubt in my mind, that you can’t go wrong with either brand.

They are in-vince-able.

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