Friday, August 31, 2012

Setting on Fall/Winter Trends Lightly

As the Special Anniversary/Fall Edition of Vogue arrived – breaking my postman’s back – I couldn’t help but squeal with delight over all the fanciful clothing, opulent shoes and sumptuous accessories located within the pages of that elephant folio.

I was in heaven as I looked upon all the fashion in that tome and I dreamed about what I would wear in my fantasy fashion life.

The good news is I was able to take those high fashion trends and transform them into outfits that could have a place in my actual fashion life.

In my real world, I walk a fine line to ensure that I don’t overdo it on trends.  There are definitely events which call for that WOW outfit, but in my day-to-day, I like to be on-spot and look cutting edge without going overboard.

The term oxblood instantly conjures up unwanted images in my brain of unlucky livestock or the playroom of pain but, in fashion reality, it is a color that must be in every woman’s closet this Fall/Winter.

For me, I’m going to add a pair of oxblood colored shoes, which (trust me) will be the new black of the season, into my repertoire to take me from home to work to play. 

Right now, I’m loving these Pour La Victorie pumps which combine a few trends – pointy toe pump and sexy ankle strap – into one bloody hell of a shoe.


Pour La Victorie Turner Pump available on for $250.

Don’t be intimidated by the flamboyantly embroidered Folksy minxes who clomped down Fashion Week runways, because you too can go for baroque. 

There is no need to look like Heidi on steroids, just follow my lead. I have been known to take a bold and lively pant like J. Crew’s Collection Café Capris in Jacquard Jade and pair it with chunky sweater or sweatshirt over a crisp collared shirt and pulling it all together with a pale heel.  This way a little folk goes a long way.

J. Crew Collection Café Capris in Jacquard Jade available at, $198.

Another hot trend that I am definitely onboard with is metal collars.  I love them because they can be worn like a necklace but they add so much panache – in a safe way – to any outfit.  I see myself wearing it with a pretty tank, skinny jeans and a blazer or even pairing it with a LBD.

Sparked Agate Bib Necklace available at for $58.

When I worked with Betsey Johnson in the early 90s, peplum was huge.  I had a few pieces from Betsey’s Geranium Collection and a peplum dress was my favorite.  What’s old is new again, which is why I am going to hit H&M this weekend to pick up its new leather peplum top for a steal at $50.

H&M Leather peplum top available at select stores only.

First, I love the peplum style because it is great at hiding figure flaws but this leather piece is a must have for me because I can imagine wearing it in so many different ways even to work.

And this time, my husband will be happy because I have the ability to style from my own closet with the most perfect neutral colored pencil skirt that I picked up at Nordstrom last year. By adding an unassuming sandal and day clutch (also in my closet), I am office ready.

There are so many trends and so little time.  My advice is stick to what works for your body type and style sense. By staying on the safe side of the precipice of trends, it is possible to avoid free-falling into the abyss of fashion disaster.



Thursday, August 30, 2012

Six Flags Announces Wild Safari Tradition To End

Great Adventure's Wild Safari

Growing up Jersey, the theme park du jour of the shore was Six Flags Great Adventure. 

Unlike the other 18 Six Flag parks nationwide, Great Adventure stood apart from the rest because it has the largest drive-thru safari outside of Africa.

According to an article in The Star-Ledger newspaper, Six Flags Great Adventure announced on Aug. 20, 2012 that they would stop letting guests use their own cars for tours of the animal sanctuary, ending a tradition that began almost 40 years ago.

The article reported that park spokeswoman Kristin Siebeneicher said, “We are discontinuing allowing cars to drive through Wild Safari at the end of the 2012 season.” She also said the park is closing for the season on Sept. 30, 2012, a month earlier than scheduled.

According to a recent article in The Star-Ledger, Six Flags announced today that it would be revamping the Wild Safari to Safari Off Road Adventure. 
Park visitors will begin at a “rustic loading station filled with artifacts from the Wilds’ global journeys” and board an open-air safari vehicle driven by park employees. At Camp Aventura, guests will be able to get closer to some of the animals and hand-feed or pet them. A zip-line ride over the Camp will be available for an additional fee.
The original safari, which opened in 1974, houses 1,200 animals from six continents spread across the 350-acre park. More than 10 million visitors have passed through over the past 38 years.

According to Safari Director, Bill Rives, the drive-thru park “has been an institution for many families whose first glimpse of exotic animals was with their faces pressed against the window.  That chapter of our history is now coming to a close.”

For me personally, my fondest memories of the Wild Safari were from growing up.  Who could ever forget being thoroughly embarrassed by the glaring red and raw butts of the baboons?  They would jump on the hood of your car, do an about face and predictably moon us.  That is unless they decided to pro-create in front of us; somehow the female always wore the most bored expression as we drove by.

My absolute favorite animals were the giraffes.  Along with their friends the camels, both species were always so curious and looking for law-breakers who were willing to feed them through a cracked window or sunroof.

In my child’s mind, I felt that driving through the Safari made me like Max from Where the Wild Things Are.  It was sheer excitement to see bears, tigers and lions stroll “near” your car – up close and personal. 

The article stated that most of the dangerous animals are kept away from vehicle roads but, if I recall correctly, when I was very small, the so called dangerous animals were not always kept from the vehicles. 

This is definitely the end of an era for several generations in my family, even my son Shane who had the good fortune…I think…of driving through the animal park but not actually seeing any animals.

Five summers ago, we were in New Jersey for my half-sister’s high school graduation and thought it would be a great idea for the family to spend the day at Great Adventure. 

It ended up being a super fun day; however, we started our sojourn off in the Wild Safari where my Aunt Trish’s car promptly broke down.  Luckily, we had my cousin – who was a former car surgeon at Toyota– with us.  He warily got out into the zebra enclosure to work on Trisha’s Pathfinder for the good part of an hour. 

I suppose we were also lucky that most of the dangerous animals are kept away from the vehicle roads.  A rogue ostrich came strolling by, but mostly the animals were not impressed by their human guests.

After quite some time, a tow truck arrived and jumped the car.  We quickly exited the Safari and parked in the main lot of the Amusement Park portion.  From there, we ignored our car troubles and had a great time.  Little did I know it would be my last visit to the Wild Safari. Ever. In. My. Life. 

At least we had these last 40 years, it was a great adventure to say the least.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Mother’s Love Which is Unsurpassable

 My little guy turned eight last week but it was all a blur.

My week had been hectic to say the least. Work was beyond busy all five days and it all culminated with a Friday evening birthday party with a few of Shane’s closest mates sleeping over. The party was a success and fun was had by all, but it was definitely a lot of organizing and hard work for my husband and myself.

As a family, we took it easy on Sunday to recuperate from all the fun weekend activities so, by the time Monday rolled around, I was starting to feel back to my normal self yet a bit melancholy.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was bothering me and then it dawned on me, my baby is no longer a baby.

At eight-years-old, Shane has begun to sprout up and is now a little over 4 feet tall. We actually have meaningful conversations and, at times, he surprises me by his level of maturity and astuteness. Shane is one of the most easy-going (just like my husband) and down-to-earth little boys. However, at times, he still acts like the eight-year-old that he is and this is a huge relief to me. But I am blown away, when did my baby grown into a full-fledged little boy?

It seems like just yesterday that he was born; in diapers; learning to crawl and walk; to talk; eat solid foods. I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to be at home for the first three years of his life. 
When he started preschool, it was perfect timing for me to return to the workforce and we both thrived. Being an only child, a majority of his time was spent with me – and even though he had regular play dates – he was really missing the socialization with his peers. It didn’t take long for him to adjust to his new schedule, Shane absolutely loved preschool. He even made his very own buddy – another only child (at the time) – Dylan.

Today, I feel that my role as a full-time working mom limits my time with Shane so I always work hard to make the most of these moments with my son. So you can imagine how I am so proud I am of him; I can hardly believe that Jason and I have nurtured and created such an amazing human being. I know that having two working parents has helped Shane to be independent, and being an only child has forced him to cultivate his imagination and be outgoing. 


Last night, I was looking at him while reading a bedtime story and I realized that Shane has come into his own. He has his own likes, dislikes, thoughts and – as he is growing more intelligent – opinions. I am beyond mesmerized when I look upon this young innocent who doesn’t have a deviant bone in his body.

Shane makes me want to be a better person; A better mother. I never used to worry about the consequences of my actions no matter how big or small. Today, I find myself working to create the most healthful life that I can for my family. Not just for Shane, but also for Jason and I so we can make sure to be around to bear witness to all those wonderful dreams of joy that parents envision for their children: high school graduation, college graduation, marriage, children of their own…among other things.

Yet, a part of me really wants to keep my little guy little. I don’t want him to get older and moody from teenage angst; to be too old to cuddle with his mama. That is why I am working hard to live in the moment. To enjoy those mundane Tuesday nights at home and the banality of having an ordinary dinner together. 

Life is about the big milestones, but it is all the average days linked between which build toward those momentous events and that, my friend, is what life is truly about.

All the while, nothing can surpass my mother's love.

Monday, August 27, 2012

'Fifty Shades' of Baby Oil

I began reading the book "Fifty Shades of Grey" yesterday.  I now understand all the hype.  By the time I put it down to go to bed around midnight, I was half-way through the book.

There are a few things I have garnered through this New York Times Bestseller:  I do believe that "Fifty Shades" made the color Oxblood a hot new trend for Fall and there are a lot of uses for baby oil.

But I have always known the latter.

I have been using baby oil gel to take off my make-up since I -- myself -- was in college.  Although my use of the product is quite different than Anastasia Steele.

I prefer Johnson's Baby Oil Gel because it provides extra moisturization to help nourish and protect your skin from dryness.  The gel also locks in 10 more times moisture when used on wet skin.

I'm not sure if it is just a coincidence or my regular visits to the dermatologist but, although I do have wrinkles, I feel that the baby oil has helped keep them to a minimum.

Also, I have tried various make-up removers over the years, but I always find myself coming back to Johnson's.

Not unlike Anastasia Steele ...and you'll have to read the book to find out the other uses.

Run to Target today, where you can pick up both the baby oil gel and a copy of "Fifty Shades" if you haven't already indulged.

Monday, August 20, 2012

My Real Fashion Life vs. My Fantasy Fashion Life

'Secret Garden-Versailles'

I recently celebrated my 14 year wedding anniversary and, four years ago, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary in gay Paris.

At the time, I was going through my "Marie-Antoinette" phase.  We took the train to Chateau de Versailles and spent the day walking the halls of that palatial edifice and I even made my poor hubby and four year old son walk miles to take in Marie's private residence, Petite Trianon.

So you can imagine my ecstasy and excitement over Dior's Fall 2012 campaign "Secret Garden-Versailles."

The video, created by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, filmed models Melissa Stasiuk, Xiao Wen Ju and Daria Strokous strutting their Dior-licious selves throughout the majestic halls and picture perfect grounds of the most famous chateau outside of Paris.  The video is set to the music of Depeche Mode and I can almost envision myself running through the hall of mirrors; Although, I did visit that very room with the fam it just wasn't the same.

Maussers at Versailles

Running through Versailles without the crush of a million other tourists would certainly be my fantasy life.  My mother and I always joke about our love of fashion and, how we see things in magazines, and think...I've got to have that...for my fantasy life.  My mom is right, it is hard to distinguish our real lives versus our fantasy lives; however, living in Los Angeles, I am certainly allowed to have some artistic license.

It is not unusual to find me cooking Sunday dinner in my 1960s dressing gowns or roaming the streets of my little beach town in Pucci-esque lounge pants.  I wear my passion for fashion on my sleeves and, although a lot of people think I'm insane, I would absolutely put on a Dior gown and run down my street as if I didn't have a care in the world.  However, this would be depend upon how much Clicquot the good widow would provide me beforehand.

Regardless, the video is a fashion journey that makes me long for the Parisian countryside and the haute couture of the high fashion society.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Love Lives For Each Other

This morning, as is my custom, I had some Yogi green tea.  As I have posted before, I adore this brand because each tea bag has a little affirmation printed on it.  Today it read: "Live for Each Other."

I couldn't think of a more appropriate message for today -- August 15, 2012 -- because it is Jason and my 14 year wedding anniversary.

With almost 5 years of dating under the belt, Jason and I are nearing two decades of living for each other.  It seems like just yesterday that we were in our early 20s and experiencing our young love.  Today, we are both in our 40s, and we are still enjoying our lives and growing our love with the help of our amazing son.

Life has not always been a box of chocolates; however, we love our family, house, living at the beach, and overall philosophies of "living in the moment" and "fun is the best thing to have."  My life is greater than I could have ever imagined it would be, so thank you Jason.

Last year, I did a  week's worth of posts about our love and how it came to fruition.  Today, I'm going to repost my blog celebrating last year's anniversary.

Happy Anniversary!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Celebrating and Sipping' in Napa

Howdy! The hubby and I are headed to Napa to celebrate my BFF Rachel's 40th Birthday.

Rachel is having a Great Gatsby-themed dinner party tonight at the uber-chic Carneros Inn. I am biting my nails in anticipation to see what all my fashionable LA friends style themselves in tonight. Especially Rachy!

However, I have been bestowed the greatest honor -- pause -- yes, another close gal pal -- who is one sick Renaissance chick --the one and only Lynngweeny, has allowed me to borrow an authentic vintage dress from the 20s.

Lynn, a former window designer for all the major department stores -- think Barneys, Saks, Bullocks -- now an interior designer who puts Paige Hemmis from Extreme Make-over Home Edition to shame. Lynn, who knows a little bit about everything fashion, technology and home improvement...among many,many other things...hooked me up.

I love that Lynn and her BFF Lolly, another chick who has more creativity in her pinky finger than my whole everything, have taken me on as their styling science project. Lolly, a jewelry-maker and all out creator (I'm not even doing her justice, sorry L), and Lynn have a passion for All Things Vintage.

The story about the said dress is hysterical. Lynngweeny and Lolly (they need a sitcom) head to a vintage clothing sale in Santa Monica. Lynn scores the dress which has a few pieces to it. Lolly realizes that Lynn is missing one of the imperative pieces and notices a woman with the missing link.

Lynn is almost about to give up when Lolly approaches the chick- who is conveniently hiding the slip portion of the dress under her arm -- and makes it known that they know she is holding out. Lolly acts as enforcer and Lynn walks happily into the sunset with her amazingly authentic 20s dress.

This is why I am so over the moon.

So, when she said she had a dress for me, I was honored beyond words. When she told me Lolly was in on it and I have some of her gorgeous jewelry to wear, I was so flattered.

I will definitely be reporting back on this much anticipated event. Rachel and I have been talking about this special milestone of hers for years.

As a former English major, so excited to be celebrating in Gatsby-style.

Cheers Rachel!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Calling All Mommies: Stefanie's Closet Is Open for Business

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend Stefanie sent out an email letting some of her nearest and dearest know that her closet was open for business; Not the one in her home, but her very own virtual store.

A while back, Stefanie opened an eBay store and began selling resale clothing for children.  In addition, she sometimes has women’s and men’s clothing. 

“What initially began as an experiment has turned into a full-fledged, part-full time business venture,” said Stefanie who is an eBay Top Rated Power Seller, “Turns out that there is quite a market for these items.”

Stefanie sells all sizes of children’s clothing for all seasons from 12 months and up.  She is not particular and sells all brands for kids, but all items are clean and free from stains, rips or tears. 

Her gently-used or new items include, but not limited to, the following:  shorts, shirts, skirts, dresses, pants, jeans, shoes, leggings, costumes, pajamas, sweaters, sweatshirts and leotards.

For women and men, she only sells brand name labels.

In addition, if you live in the South Bay of Southern California, Stefanie is currently restocking her inventory and will give you cash for any of your own unwanted items to sell at her virtual store. 

Since she does not work on consignment, she will pay cash outright for all accepted items; however, they must be in the same aforementioned condition. 

Cash paid is $1 to $2 per item and she will provide an itemized spreadsheet if necessary.

“I recently paid $150 to a mommy friend who was cleaning out her kid’s closets so believe me, it can add up.” said Stefanie who pays it forward by donating or giving any unwanted items to families in need.

If you are local and interested in contacting Stefanie about selling any unwanted items you may find in your own closest, please comment or email to; or visit Stefanie’s store at

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Barneys Warehouse Sale ONLINE only Now!

Sorry to say that I let the proverbial ball drop!

The Barneys Warehouse sale, which started last week, is now happening online.  I forgot to get a post out about it sooner, but hopefully all of you fashionistas are already on Barneys' short list.

If you haven't heard the news, check it out for yourself:

I do think it is a bit anti-climatic: There was definitely something exciting about stalking that woman who was holding the last pair of a favored Prada shoe in your size; trying on clothes in the make-shift changing room; and the overall thrill of the this case purchase. But now there is a level-playing field for all.

Happy shopping!

Excerpts from 'The Witch of Portobello'

I recently finished reading Paulo Coelho's book, "The Witch of Portobello."  Coelho is one of the most beloved writers of our time.  Like his book "The Alchemist," "The Witch of Portobello" was a powerful tome about love, passion, joy and sacrifice.

Here are a few of my favorite passages:

"Try to feel good about yourself even when you feel like the least worthy of creatures.  Reject all those negative thoughts and let the Mother take possession of your body and soul; surrender yourself to the dance or to silence or to ordinary, everyday activities -- like taking your son to school, preparing supper, making sure the house is tidy.  Everything is worship if your mind is focused on the present moment."

"Reprogram yourself every minute of each day with thoughts that make you grow.  When you're feeling irritated or confused try to laugh at yourself.  Laugh out loud at this woman tormented by doubts and anxieties, convinced that her problems are the most important thing in the world.  Laugh at the sheer absurdity of the situation..."

"When  you are washing up, pray.  Be thankful that there are plates to be washed; that means there was food, that you fed someone, that you've lavished care on one or more people, that you cooked and laid the table.  Imagine the millions of people at this moment who have absolutely nothing to wash up and no one for whom to lay the table."

Monday, August 6, 2012

'Groovy' Pants Make Music on the Beach

Corypha Mesh Loungers

I love my little town.

Last night, we gathered with some friends on the beach to watch Grammy award-winning Pancho Sanchez.  The soothing Latin Jazz and a beautiful sunset were an amazing way to end the week.

But it wasn't only the tunes that were getting all the accolades, my "groovy" pants were a hit too.

Recently, I received a gift certificate to the store Anthropologie as a birthday gift from my sister-in-law Diana.  I found the perfect outfit but, while there, I also fell in love with a pair of Corypha Mesh Loungers.  Unfortunately, I ran out of time and left the store without my new found love and I was a woman obsessed.

I could not get these fun and comfy pants out of my head so I made my way back to Anthropologie at my soonest and found only one pair left in my size. 

I busted out my new favorite loungers out for the concert last night and wore then exactly like the model in the photo.  Thank you for all the compliments that I received: these pants helped me make my own music on the beach.

Friday, August 3, 2012

From Here to There: Transitioning A Summer Wardrobe to Fall

I am a glass half empty kind of gal.

With the beginning of August upon us, I can’t help but feel that the summer is almost over.  But I’m not really sad about it; it just means that it is time to get excited about up-and-coming fall/winter fashions like chunky sweaters, tall and sturdy boots, and all that yummy folkloric fur – real or faux – that is so en vogue.

But how do we get from here to there – especially while living in Southern California – as it takes time for those temps to begin to drop.

Well, I’ve got some tips for you:

The first – and quite obvious I might add – is layering your current summer dresses, skirts and jumpsuits with sweaters and jackets in mixed-media.  With warmer temps still rocking the days, a fun jacket or chunky sweater, with bright tights to add a pop of color, and some fun boots can take your summer frocks far.

Rebecca Taylor FW12

Growing up on the East Coast, there was a strict rule of thumb:  No white shoes or white bags after Labor Day; Today, that rule does not apply in a fashion world where anything goes.  Carry on to toting your life around in a purse a la Blanca every day of the year.

Coach Madison Flagship Embossed Python, $1,000

Not so painful:  Coach New Willis, $298

This is my personal favorite:  I love adding a “lively” blazer – in bold patterns and colors – to a “safe” work outfit to create some panache; or just dressing up a pair of jeans for a girls night out.

Rachel Zoe FW12

Lastly, a huge trend for this fall is going to be statement pieces in leather or faux leather.  Think leather skinnies, stove-pipes or even shorts -- pray tell -- with a simple tank and a sweater or light blouse for some coverage and then add a bedazzled shoe to tie it all together.

Rebecca Taylor FW12

I hope this guidance puts you in the right trend direction toward Autumn and Winter fashions.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

To Spray Tan or Not: That is the BIG Question

Tanning Mom from NJ: Not me!

No joke – as I have posted before – growing up Jersey, my BFF Dina and I would tan out in front of her house. We would slather on baby oil and wrap tin foil around a piece of cardboard which we would hold up to our faces. I would be so burnt that I was ill.

Lucky or unlucky me, the East Coast sun is only strong for a few months each year.  In those instances, I could be found working extremely hard trying to keep my fair skin berry brown by visiting the tanning salon á la Jersey Shore; however, I was not as nearly as bad as that "Tanning Mom from NJ."

It is no surprise that I kept up the practice of tanning in a salon upon moving to Southern California where it is warm and sunny almost 360 days of the year.  At the time, my hubby played professional volleyball so I was at the beach almost every weekend.  Working full-time during the week didn’t afford me the opportunity to keep up with my tanning, so Cop-A-Tan was my Antichrist.

I’m not exactly sure when things changed for me.  It may have been when the dermatologist (shameless plug for my dream derma, Dr. Moy in Manhattan Beach, CA) started cutting dangerous looking and even two pre-cancerous moles from my body.  (One of which was specifically on my butt and, according to Moy, courtesy of a tanning bed – hence the butt placement.)

Once I realized that one was a pre-C – basal cell carcinoma – which Thank God has not tested positive again, I was finally done with tanning beds and I don’t think I have “really” been tan since.

For years I tried self-tanner, but I wasn’t very good at applying it and orange wasn’t necessarily a good color for me.  I was ecstatic when someone told me that I could spray tan… at a salon none-the-less.

The first time I tried it, I was going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for my besty Tracy’s bachelorette party.  (I think she may have even been the one to steer me in the Mystic Tan direction.)

Back in the olden days, spray tans weren’t as forgiving as they are now and I remember being mortified the night before my departure as I looked down upon my streaky feet.  I tried scrubbing them vigorously but to no avail; I spent most of the weekend trying to hide my feet in the sand and, if that didn’t work, drinking myself silly to forget about my sunless slip-up.

According to Wikipedia, sunless tanning – also known as UV-free tanning, self-tanning and even fake tanning – refers to the application of chemicals to the skin to effect similar in appearance to a suntan.

For more than 10 years, spray tans have been my go to instant tan for vacations and any big weekend at home on the beach when I need to actually put on a bikini.

My husband’s favorite joke has always been that I end up coming home from a vacation whiter than when I left because my spray tan fades.  But I didn’t care, I was happy to have a little color to hide some of those flaws that I have acquired over the years without exposing myself to the dangers of the sun or even tanning beds.  However, based on a new report, I may have been mistaken.

According to a report, written by Mark Greenblatt and Gitika Ahuja, for Good Morning America, the active chemical used in spray tans, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), has the potential to cause genetic alterations and DNA damage, according to a panel of medical experts who reviewed 10 of the most-current publicly available scientific studies on DHA for ABC News, including a federal report ABC News obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

“Six medical experts in areas ranging across the fields of dermatology, toxicology and pulmonary medicine said they ‘have concerns’ after reviewing the literature and reports about DHA, which conventionally has been referred to as the ‘safe’ alternative to tanning under ultraviolet lights,” the report also stated.

In addition, the report states that the FDA originally approved DHA for “external” use back in 1977, when it was popular in tanning lotions.  Those lotions, previously famous for turning skin orange, were never as popular as current products that produce better tans.  In recent years, the use of DHA has exploded in the newer “spray” application of the products, which provides a more even tan for consumers.

According the GMA article, the FDA told ABC News it never could have envisioned the chemical’s use in spray tan back in 1970s, and says “DHA should not be inhaled or ingested” today.

According to the FDA’s website, “The use of DHA in ‘tanning’ booths as an all-over spray has not been approved by the FDA, since safety data to support this use has not been submitted to the agency for review and evaluation.'"

“When using DHA-containing products as an all-over spray or mist in a commercial spray ‘tanning' booth, it may be difficult to avoid exposure in a manner for which DHA is not approved, including the area of the eyes, lips, or mucous membrane, or even internally."

Well, for anyone who has ever been in a spray tanning booth, this is virtually impossible, so I am really considering banning my 3 to 5 spray tans that I do each year all together. Although, having your spray tan applied by an anesthetician may be a safer option; however, I couldn’t find any supporting information on this alternate.

Also, there are always two sides to every story; yet for this one, the rebuttal from the tanning industry was quite weak and an undercover investigation revealed that most salons are not posting signs letting clients know about the hazards associated with DHA.  I know that my local salon doesn't because, until I read this report, I really wasn't aware of the potential dangers.

The Mayo Clinic reports on its website: “The risks, if any, of inhaling or ingesting DHA are unknown — so close your eyes and hold your breath while the tanner is applied. You may also want to request or bring along protective devices, such as goggles or nose plugs.”

To go a step further, the FDA recommends the following guidelines when using spray tanning salons:

·        Use of Protective Undergarments

·        Use of Nose Filters

·        Use of Lip Balm

·        Use of Protective Eyewear

I have always felt that a little sun – real or faux – provided me with a healthy glow; and not to mention that a little color on the bod goes a long way to help camouflage my flaws.   But, I have to honestly say that I am still on the fence and will definitely implement the aforementioned guidelines if I find myself back in the booth. 

This is one issue that I am going to have to research in more detail before I decide to live life as a vampire and go sunless forever.

To read the article about the report and make your own decisions, visit

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Heart Sings with Love for my Son

My little man

I was up early to run this morning and, when I returned, I was walking past my son’s room and noticed the curtains were open a bit.  The murky morning light was just starting to stream through onto his face, so I closed the curtains and pulled his blankets up.

The action briefly woke him and he smiled up at me and said, “Momma,” before rolling over and going back to sleep.  I could tell that he felt safe and happy just by seeing me.  It made me feel pious to know that just my mere presence in his subconscious mind could cause him to feel completely and utterly at peace

It made me remember when I was a little kid and I would be all snug in my bed and feel so safe too.

I can distinctly recall one memory from the 70s.  I was completely cozy in bed and just drifting off to sleep while my little transistor radio was playing “Loving You” by Minnie Riperton.  To this day, my recollection of the video and my dream seemed to fuse into one.

Since that song conveyed such feelings of safety and security in me, I later went on to select it as the wedding song for my husband and I.

Just as “Loving You” had stayed with me as I grew up, I will keep the memory of my son’s look of love with me all morning long and it makes my heart sing.

What a wondrous way to start the day.