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Well, hello and welcome back!  What? It’s your first time here?  Then, let me introduce myself.
My name is Tracy Mausser and I live at the beach in Los Angeles with my hubby and 10-year-old son. Our family motto is that “fun is the best thing to have” and every day of my life is like Christmas morning.  

Photo by D. Jason Mausser
I am privileged to revel in a daily existence on the sunny coast of Southern California, but fortunate to walk in the shadows of a cultural mecca such as Los Angeles.  I truly have the best of both worlds and am able to craft my own my unique existence – in real life or on the written page – because that is what I have always done since I was a child.

I hail from the Jersey Shore and made my way here to the City of Angels with a brief detour in New York City during my college years where I spent time working in the fashion industry and then as an intern on the Howard Stern Show.  Ultimately, I ended up in L.A. and cultivated my career as a Journalist but, after a decade, I moved on to greener pastures (aka a better paying job).

Today, my blog serves as a conduit to channel my creativity while enabling my number one love affair of writing because I am not alive unless I am writing.

Please join me on my journey and feel free to share your own fashionating experiences.

“J’aime la vie! I feel that to live is a wonderful thing.”
-- Coco Chanel

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