Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Rachel Zoe Project is EVERYTHING!

On the eve of Mercedes Benz fashion week, my DVR and I had a fashion date; And it is one I've been looking forward to for a long time. It's been a year, but my girl Rachel Zoe is back.

I tried to stay awake on Tuesday night to watch the season premier of The Rachel Zoe Project at its regularly scheduled time on Bravo but, sadly, 10 p.m. is just too late for me these days. So, instead of living vicariously through my fashion idol, I was dreaming of Marc Jacob's 2011 Spring collection. Well, maybe just visions of Marc – I mean, have you seen his body.

Speaking of bodies, it is no secret that, since last season, Rachel and her husband Rodger Berman are knocked up. But, I was shocked when the show began with the stylist to the stars six months pregnant and, shockingly, Brad gone from the team. Although the show does not make it quite as dramatic as Taylor's grand – and extremely drawn out – exit; Yet, it certainly felt like a quickie and left me wanting more.

So, in Brad's absence, Rachel finds herself struggling to grow the staff of her styling business and, for the first time ever, launch a new contemporary clothing collection all while entering into her third trimester. The self-taught fashionista is on a new and very different side of the catwalk – facing the critique of her peers.

Her collection -- which I got up close and personal with at Bloomies this past weekend – is very a la Rachel Zoe. Bohemian to nth degree with lots of capes, jackets, and of course fur, fur and more faux fur. With jump suits, maxi dresses, tie blouses, flair bottom pants in many monochromatic colors such as camel, black, cream, and white with splashes of leopard, plaid and strokes of red.

Well, in case some of my readers haven't had the opportunity to watch Season 4 of TRZP, I don't want to ruin it. (That's you Rachel, as in Y not Z.)

But I will share a few thoughts:

Awards season is going to be ba-na-nas as Rachel enters the final stages of her pregnancy. I mean, for me, just being in my own skin at nine months pregnant was uncomfortable, I can't imagine being responsible to dress the hottest stars in Tinseltown.

Jeremiah – the new Brad – is correct!

And Rachel looks more beautiful than ever. In my opinion, the weight she has put on during her pregnancy is quite becoming. Overall, being with child makes her glow – like every mommy-to-be should – especially if you are wearing Chanel. (BTW, I am so jealous.)

And the biggest anticipation of the season for me will be the introduction of the newest member of Team Zoe -- Skyler Morrison Berman.

I am so ah-dicted!

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