Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A 'Fashionating' Journal Entry from 1996

Jason & Tracy (Image: Courtesy Rachel Yarnevic)
I wrote the following journal entry back in 1996 before I moved out to Southern California and met my amazing husband.  This Saturday is his 41st birthday, but we will be back in New Jersey celebrating my cousin's wedding, so he will have to take the back seat this year.

For all of those women out there who are single, In mid-90s, I had been solo for quite some time; I found Shakti Gawain and the "Power of Positive Thinking." 

I know this is going to sound far-fetched, but I swear to you...this is what I put out there into the Universe...about the man that I wanted to find, that I needed in my life; whom I eventually found.

March 15, 1996
I am in love with a man who is tall, dark and handsome.  He is very masculine, but gentle at the same time.  He's very downtown, but can be very Wall Street. 

He loves to hang with my family and friends.  I can take him anywhere and the best thing is that he totally loves me for me:  He loves me fat, skinny, make-up, no make-up. 

He's so strong that he can handle me.  He's totally beautiful and we make an incredible couple.  He loves me and respects me.  It is a very deep relationship -- one that is based on trust and respect. 

He knows all about my past and I know all about his, and we could both care less.

He is neither rich nor poor, but we always do very exciting things.  He would do anything for me and I for him.

He's the most incredible, intelligent, funny, witty, caring, thoughtful and sensual human being that I know.  I am truly grateful to the Universe for shedding light on him, on us, for this deeply satisfying relationship.

I love him and I'm able to love me as well.  I've never been happier.


  1. Wow, a year later to the date and still so in love with my hubby. I can't believe that I celebrated his 23rd birthday with him almost two decades ago. Crazy life that I love!