Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ladies in Red

Image: Express
At my senior prom, my boyfriend sang the song, “Lady in Red,” in my ear. I was never really crazy about that tune or that boy, but I am so in love with "Ladies in Red" right now.

I haven’t been a big fan of Express since before the Millennium, except Editor Pants for work are the bomb.  But, when their fall catalogue arrived in the mail and only because I am a fan of Bath & Body Works as well as Victoria’s Secret– I was blown away.

The deep blood reds throughout the collection caught my eye.  The red suit, which highlighted the audacious hue from head to toe, was hellacious.  I especially loved the color blocked dresses -- who knew that a mixture of red, orange and magenta -- which seems so wrong, could looks so right.
Image:Frazer Harrison
And on Sunday night, it wasn't just the television personalities getting all the attention:  Red dresses in hues from cranberry to coral to cherry to ruby rocked the red carpet at the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. 

My favorite of the night was Nina Dobrev who looked absolutely stunning in her Donna Karen fish-tail va-va-voom dress.  As a fan of "The Vampire Diaries," I was ecstatic to see her holding her own.

Red is trending hard right now but, regardless of the season, I know that any shade of that vibrant hue adds instant glamour.  Whenever I need a little pick me up, I throw on a red top and/or shoes – there is no need to be red allover.  It could even be as simple as putting on your red lips for an instant pop. 

No matter your hair or skin coloring, there is a little lady in red -- dancing cheek to cheek -- in all of us.

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