Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Perilous Pack: One Woman and Three Days in NOLA

All weekend long, I had been thinking about what I wanted to post for my personal essay.  There was really no topic out there that I felt passionate or intrigued to write about.  I realized that I was experiencing writer’s block due to being preoccupied with preparing for a girl’s trip which was looming on the horizon.

I am flying to New Orleans this weekend – with a few of my closest girlfriends – to celebrate our friend Linda’s 40th birthday and her upcoming nuptials.

I am super excited for several reasons: I am so happy for Linda and excited to celebrate with her; we have several fun events planned; and I have never been to the Big Easy before.

With my typical Type “A” personality and love of (slave to) fashion, I started thinking about my outfits for this trip a few weeks ago.  I took inventory of my walk-in and started researching by perusing fashion rags and checking my usual online shopping sites to get inspired.

After making a few purchases and working with what I already had in my closet, I had come up with the perfect pack; however – as is also typical of me – now in the 11th hour, I don’t like anything in my suitcase and am rethinking the whole thing.

Now, it’s not really a matter of that I don’t know what to pack; it is more about second guessing myself especially since I have never been to NOLA before.  In addition to the prediction of hot, humid, and rainy weather; I am really at a loss as to what I am going to want to wear.

For example, when I went to Paris three years ago, I pretty much packed a steamer trunk in order to be prepared for any fashion situation encountered in the city of lights. 

I felt prepared and didn’t look back with the exception of the decision to wear my C’est Moi Louboutins while shopping on the Champs-Élysées. After a few hours, I found myself teetering down the rue as if I suffered from Chinese foot binding.

I seriously don't want to make the same mistake for this trip.  Also, I was also hoping to be more strategic so I could carry on my bag and be ready to dash out of the airport – unencumbered by the luggage carousel – upon my arrival.

So here is where my Type "A-hole" personality – or perhaps my OCD nature comes into play – I am so overthinking this whole pack at this point.  I would be in better shape if all my clothes were Garanimals.  Then I would be able to just mix and match without worrying too much about it.

Here is the thing: I love clothes and, more than anything, I live for the opportunity to have something exciting to actually style myself for.  This trip is no exception. 

I think my problem may lie in the fact that I am over rambunctious.  Meaning, I can visualize myself in at least two – if not more – outfits for each scenario.

Basically, it all boils down to editing.  Which I might add, I have a hard time doing even in my writing so, to have to edit my outfits, is certainly a challenge to me.

None-the-less, it doesn’t take any of the fun away and I am very excited and looking forward to this trip and every fabulous piece of clothing that is lucky enough to make its way to NOLA with me.


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