Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fashion Trucks Drivin' Style to You

God, I love food trucks.  I am in ecstasy whenever I find one and get to taste all those delectable delights that I wouldn’t normally eat.  But do you know what I love (conceptually) more than food trucks?  That’s right, fashion trucks. 

The mobile boutique trend is on the rise and I am praying that it is one movement that drives it home.

In major cities across the U.S., fashion hawkers are taking their wares to the road.

In Boston, The Fashion Truck ( has geared up to bring more than Red Coats to the masses; Dallas boasts The Vintagemobile (, a converted school bus, where antique western wear is the main theme; and Portland folks have a hankering for Wanderlust (, which sells vintage clothes from the 50s and 60s.

On a local level in Cali, Palm Springs has The Styleliner, (, which peddles high end accouterments from around the world, and Le Fashion Truck can be found around town here in the City of Angels.

Jeanine Romo, 25, and Stacey Steffe, 34, launched their mobile business – Le Fashion Truck – in January 2011.  The entrepreneurs started out by selling vintage clothing and jewelry at local flea markets but didn’t want to be “grounded in one location at a time,” said Steffe in a recent online article at FOX Business Small Business Center.

The concept of the transportable boutique – where they sell new, vintage and hand-made fashions while working with local L.A. designers – ironically blossomed out of a need for dependable transportation. 

Today, the truck is able to conveniently travel across L.A. and its surrounding areas so business has flourished.

You can map out Le Fashion Truck’s locations by following them via Twitter @lefashiontruck.

Personally, I thought the concept of food trucks was brilliant but, the mobile boutique, now that notion is going places.

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