Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finding Funny in ‘Tehrangeles’ with the Shahs of Sunset

Photo: Bravo Television
So, as spring has sprung, many of my favorite television shows are back on the air and some new favorites have cropped up as well. 

Mad Men has finally returned along with America’s Next Top Model and the Vampire Diaries.  While I am still faithful to Bravo’s Bethenny Ever After, I’m finding this season a little depressing with all the marital distress Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy seem to be facing.

However, I have found my Shangri La funny bone in a show about “Tehrangeles.”

Ryan Seacrest and Bravo Television have teamed up to bring the most brilliant show that I have seen in years – Shahs of Sunset. 

The show follows a group of wealthy young Persian-American adults living and working in Los Angeles.  It is the Jersey Shore, but Persian-American-style which means everything in excess.

Seacrest, the executive producer of the “docu-series” said the upcoming cast was a mix between “hot” people and “not so hot, but funny people.”

God, he was right.  To me, the show is hysterical and stereo-typical, which may be offensive to some but the cast of SOS seem to be cool with it as well as the network.

According to a Bravo press release:

From over-the-top shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive to traditional family feasts at home “Shahs of Sunset,” celebrates the opulent lifestyle of a group of young, friends who have grown up together in Los Angeles and are now trying to balance their active social lives with their up-and-coming careers.  Armed with chromed-out cars, logo-ridden purses and designer outfits, they’ve got it and they’re not afraid to flaunt it.  But while these young socialites know how to spend money – they also know the value of family and tradition.  It is part of the Los Angeles culture and lifestyle that definitely has to be seen to be believed.

According to the Los Angeles Times, LA is home to nearly 800,000 Persian-Americans. Seacrest and Bravo Television have certainly tapped into uncharted territory  with the show, which is first of its kind, and could become as popular as the Real Housewives franchise.  They certainly wouldn't run out of potential cast members here in Los Angeles.

Tune in for big laughs: Shahs of Sunset is on Bravo Television on Sunday nights at 10pm.

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