Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Losing It

I was so out of sorts last week. 

On Saturday – more than a week ago – Jason and I went to our son’s school district’s fund-raiser and I left my clutch purse in the taxi on my way home.  I wasn't snookered and realized it right away.  Jason had handed me a big bag to hold and I put the purse down next to my leg -- on the seat -- to grab the bag.  When we got out of the cab, I didn't pay but I immediately took inventory and realized I didn't have my purse just as the taxi driver took off.  Jason chased the car down the street like a crazy man and, I was so thankful for his chivalry, but it was to no avail. 

We phoned Yellow Cab right away and they put a bulletin out, but we had no luck.

However, two days later and after quite a few phone calls, I was finally able to track down the cab that we were in and, realized, it wasn’t Yellow Cab but a different cab company.  The driver didn’t find my purse. 

I know that it was my negligence that caused me to leave my purse behind but, what made it worse in the long run was that someone actually stole it and all my credit cards, ID, money and make-up.

More than that aggravation, I had to go days without a phone; having to cancel and get all new credit cards and driver’s license; my heart was broken because a few of my closest gal pals had pitched in and bought that gorgeous python purse for my birthday last year.

I hate losing things and knowing that I was just careless makes me feel even more annoyed with myself in this situation.

But this whole drama made me wonder, am I starting to lose it?

Earlier this month, when we were in Costa Rica, I nearly drove myself bonkers looking for a new pair of sunnies which I misplaced. I knew I had them and I hadn’t left the house (even though it was a 5 bedroom house and lots of places to lose them).  I searched high and low and they were just gone.  Once again, I was super sad.  I barely had a chance to enjoy them as I lost them on the first day I wore them.

It made me remember my late mother-in-law (fondly I may add).  I spent a lot of time with her and recall that she misplaced things often.  I could dutifully be found running around the house looking for the item in question.  Most times we found them and sometimes we didn’t.

In this case, my son Shane was my gopher.  While swimming in the roof top pool, he found my sunnies and favorite Target hat at the bottom of the pool.  Obviously, the wind had swept them into the pool.  The hat was sodden and ruined, but the sunglasses were back to live another sunny day with me.

I was so happy with that outcome. 

And, someplace deep, down, inside me; I’m having hard time giving up hope that I will never see my purse. Maybe the person who took the bag was only interested in the money and credit cards; perhaps they will stick my purse in a mailbox and the post office will return it to me.

Did you even know that was something the postal service did?  I only know because when I was in college, I lost my wallet and someone popped it into the mail box and eventually it made its way to my house.

Hmmm, definitely seems like I might be in denial and there is a significant pattern here.

Well, I can honestly say that although I am still sad today, the missing purse doesn’t crush me quite as much as it did last week.  And, although nothing can replace the thoughtfulness of my BFFs, there are plenty of other purses out there but I’m thinking I will opt for one with a cross body strap next time.

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