Friday, April 6, 2012

Fashionably Fashionating Fridays: Spring Into Color

On Tuesday -- as on any work day -- I walked into my closet and pulled on a work uniform.  Well you see, I don't really wear a uniform, I'm talking about the four or five work outfits that I wear when I want to be safe, comfortable and drab.  OK, I really don't want to be drab but, just for the sake of ease, these dark trousers, dark top and jacket all make me look like I am in mourning for my life.

I needed an infusion of color and a little spring in my step.

So the next day, I decided to stock up on some colorful work tops to mix into my wardrobe. 

A sunny yellow blazer and shell were just the things I needed.  I also found a rainbow sherbet accordion pleat skirt with a coral sweater and tops in melon and soft pinks.  A teal sweater and aqua cross body bag proudly await their turn.

I was so happy with my finds and I knew it was a good score because, as I was checking out, the sales associate commented on my beautiful rainbow of colors she was gingerly folding into my bag.

And with Easter on Sunday, this little shopping jaunt brought on an attack on nostalgia.  While growing up, my mom and I would always go shopping for a new Easter outfit and then some other spring clothes for school. I would be super excited to wear them even though the weather wasn't particular perfect.

I learned yesterday that the rays of sun from my yellow blazer couldn't keep the chill out, but my sunny disposition warmed my heart.

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