Monday, July 9, 2012

Out of this World Cuticle Cure: Solaroil (TM)

Usually, it is the winter month's that run my cuticles ragged but, this summer, my poor nails have been suffering. 

As I am one to treat myself to a manicure more often than not, I was surprised to look down and find hang nails and a wee bit of blood last week.  Mind you, this was after a visit to the nail salon so I knew I needed to take matters -- or rather nails -- into my own hands.  (Yes, the pun was intended.)

Digging deep into my bathroom vanity, I found my trusty bottle of Creative Nail Design (CDN) SolarOil (TM).  For more than 30 years, this award-winning product has been used as a nail and skin conditioner by nail professionals and average peeps like us.  It truly is a miracle product.

After three days, my cuticles are finally healed and look normal again.  You can find it at beauty supply store, but has the best price for under $10. 

"Live long and prosper!"

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