Friday, May 20, 2011

Calypso Designer Collection a Tad Off Target

I went to Target on my lunch break yesterday.

My tweeps had been twittering for the past two weeks about the Calypso St. Barth collection since – and even before – the launch on May 1.  I was starting to get major anxiety that I was missing out on something fantabulous.

So, while picking up a mouth guard to stop me from grinding my teeth out of sheer apprehension of not being in the know – I took a few minutes to check out the Calypso line and, try as I might, I just wasn’t that impressed. Damn, my teeth are little nubs for nothing.

According to its website, over the last 16 years, Calypso St. Barth has grown from a modest resort-wear line into a global luxury lifestyle brand with a passionate following. The brand offers a no-fuss approach to style anywhere in the world by combining timeless pieces with diverse elements.

The line for Target – which doesn’t seem to stray too far from its resort-wear roots – seems a better fit for the older Palm Springs crowd. 

However, I would like to clarify that not all clothing geared toward vacations – or Cruise Wear as it was called when I was younger, God I’m getting old – is fuddy duddy. 

I mean, look at Trina Turk’s poolside lifestyle collections.  It is a fresh and contemporary spin on the breezy dresses, colorful swimsuits and lively separates that she designs.

The Calypso St. Barth collaboration isn’t completely off the mark; the line offers some super cute styles: espadrilles (which I almost bought but, as any of you who read me regularly know, I’m banned from buying any more shoes this summer); tribal print and flowey maxi dresses; on trend blouses (which I thought were a bit mature looking); and a sleep cami set which was my favorite but not for wearing to bed.

But the color works well for the Calypso Target line in housewares.  I did like the eye-popping prints on pillows, brightly colored candles and interesting area rugs; although it draws a very similar parallel to the Liberty of London collection which was released last spring.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for Calypso St. Barth, I actually do love Target’s Go International ® designer collective…even though they borrowed the concept from H&M. 

I have been swept away by some of their more Avant-garde designers like Alexander McQueen, Anna Sui, Proenza Schouler, Thakoon and Zac Posen.  I mean, these are some of the biggest names in the fashion world.

Recently, I had to go to NJ unexpectantly.  I thought I was only going to be there for three days and only brought as much clothes.  My stay ended up being almost two weeks, so I found myself at Target in the Garden State.  While there, I scored some hip William Rast tops that perfectly matched a pair of flats that I picked up too – color blocked with some studded hardware.  Double über cool because I had just dropped two large for a pair of Rasts’ jeans at a sample sale here in LA; But in NJ – I got the tops for under $10 each and didn’t have to pay sales tax. 

So, I don’t mean to criticize Target.  Over the years, I truly have found some great pieces there – especially accessories – and of course I purchase all my household supplies there as well as toys, gifts, cards…I mean the list could go on and on.

My opinion is that, for every collection that doesn’t make the mark in their collaborative, there’s always going to be another designer that will hit the bulls-eye at a little boutique I like to call Targèt.

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  1. I too was underwhelmed by the Calypso line. Reminded me of mummus and Olvera Street. :-(