Saturday, July 21, 2012

Breaking News: Barneys LA Warehouse Sale Cancelled

As reported by Racked LA last night, the Barneys LA Warehouse Sale -- which is annually held twice a year at the LA Convention Center-- has been cancelled.  With the exception of Barneys New York Warehouse sale which will still take place in the Big Apple (so jealous of all my East Coast peeps), the sale will be moved online.

According to Racked LA, this is the official statement they received:

"As part of our digital strategy to create a true omnichannel experience for customers, Barneys New York has brought the Warehouse Sale online this August. The exact launch date has not yet been announced. To accomplish this and allocate appropriate levels of inventory to the digital sale, the Los Angeles warehouse sale will not be taking place this season.

Barneys will still be hosting the physical Warehouse Sale shoppers know and love in New York, August 23-September 3 at the 17th Street Barneys New York location."

It is certainly an end of an era.  I remember buying my first pair of Prada sandals at the former site of Barneys' sale -- Barker Hanger -- almost 10 years ago.  The roar of the private jets and prop planes flying over head were a familiar white noise that is nostalgic to me. 

When the sale was moved to downtown Los Angeles in the Convention Center, I felt that it lost a little of that loving feeling; but I quickly learned how to navigate the parking, the dressing room and the sale itself.  I began to feel like Katniss Everdeen in her second Hunger Games.

However, this move by Barneys will definitely level the playing field for all those bargain shoppers out there who don't have access to the physical sale.  I am humble enough to know that by living in Los Angeles, I have access to some amazing shopping and not everyone is that lucky.

Speaking of luck, now that the LA "Sale" is no more, I will always look upon my last score from the sale in February -- a timeless Versace LBD with fond memories.

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