Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who Wore What to the 2012 Golden Globes?

Charlize Theron

On Sunday, Tinseltown got all dolled up for the 2012 Golden Globes. 

Hollywood’s hottest stars – and the world – waited in nail-biting anticipation to see which big and small screen actors had paid enough money to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to take home a Globe.  Did I actually write that down?  I mean…we all watched as the most talented Thespians were lauded for their acting acumen.

Sadly, I was not invited this year; so I had to watch the event from home.  I was so happy to see that Ricky Gervais was asked back again to host the event and he did not disappoint.  I think that guy is truly hilarious and I love watching him, in all his UN-PC glory, make Hollywood royalty squirm.

Unfortunately, I am way behind on all my cinematic responsibilities and, the only movie that got a nod which I saw this year, was Owen Wilson’s “Midnight in Paris.” Wha-wha!

But as you know, it wasn’t the acting as much as the fashion that had me hooked.

My absolute most favorite actor and outfit of the evening was Charlize Theron, who was nominated as Leading Actress in “Young Adult.”  Her blush-colored chiffon Dior couture gown with its perky bow and thigh high slit embodied a classical fairy-tale look with a little bit of sassy. 

She has come a long way since "Monster."

Theron also donned a 1920s Cartier head-band, along with Michelle Williams, who took home the Globe for Best Actress in Comedy or Musical for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in the movie, “My Week With Marilyn,” who wore a Fred Leighton hair band.  Keep an eye out on Fashionably Fashionating Fridays for more on that hot new trend.

I also thought Angelina Jolie looked beautiful in her ivory satin Atelier Versace gown that fit her like a glove and boasted a vivid lipstick red collar that offered the perfect POC.!/2012/01/fashionably-fashionating-fridays-poc.html Not to mention, her to-die-for red lips, simple chignon, and red clutch also made the look complete.

My other favorites were: “Modern Family’s” Sophia Vergara and her va-va-voom Vera Wang gown that left nothing to the imagination; Claire Danes in a black and white J. Mendel dress that was reminiscent of the Art Deco-era with a modern geometric back that made her stand-out; the lovely Latina Salma Hayek stunned in a gorgeous bedazzled Gucci gown and what I love best about Ms. Hayek is her au natural look; and lastly, I thought Nicole Richie held her own wearing a silvery gown made by less known designer Julien MacDonald and her own House of Harlow clutch. 

Personally, I am loving that Richie – or her stylist – created a look for such a star-studded event without pulling from the major fashion houses.

These were my best dressed choices that represented so many trends that are current right now; such as: nude colors; bold colors; long trains and glittery gowns.

I did have a few on my worst dressed list:  My number one is Sarah Michelle Gellar. I do think that it is super cute that her 2-year-old picked out here blue-and-white ink splotch Monique Lhuillier ball gown but, it looked too much like she was a child dressed up in grown-up clothes.  And I thought the color was ghastly and reminded me of tie dye.
Madonna's Mistep
Now I must print this disclaimer for the next one:  I love Jessica Biel.  I think she has a classical beauty that no matter what she is wearing – workout clothes after yoga, jeans at a Laker’s game or dressed up for a premier – she looks divine.  So, I truly think she should fire her stylist.

I know, I know…lace is big right now.  However, lace that creates a third boob in the middle of your chest is not attractive and, at one point, Madonna stepped on poor Jessica's train and she almost fell over on the red carpet.  I am a fan and hope she had a wonderful evening, but her look just didn’t impress me.

Lastly, I have conflicting thoughts on Reese Witherspoon:  First, I loved how she radiated and glowed that night – it is obvious that marriage agrees with her; second, her hair looked fabulous; and lastly, try as I might, I just could not find love in my heart for her Zac Posen fishtail hem gown; the color was pretty but the bodice did her a great disservice. 

Aside from my obsession with the fashion of the Globes, I found myself fixated on how many “older” actors – and I say that loosely – are looking younger than well, when they were young.

I am convinced that Rob Lowe is a true life vampire.  I just can’t believe that even copious amounts of Botox ®, Restylane ® and Juvederm® could preserve Rob.  I was trying to figure out if he’s had his eyes done.  If so, I’d love to know who his surgeon is because he doesn’t just look “done,” he looks very "Vampire Diaries" done as in undead.  (Which you all know I love!)

Elle Macphereson, Laura Dern, Jodi Foster and Madonna all oozed a youthful exuberance.  Honestly, these 40- and 50-something year old women were femme fatales. Was I jealous? Hell yeah! 
Jane Fonda
Until the Grande Dame herself – who may or may not have sold her soul to the Devil – made her appearance.  Then I was just blown away.  Even the hubby remarked, damn! I know that Jane Fonda has subscribed to a healthful lifestyle but holy cannolis, the 74-year-old Renaissance woman rocked the stage in a black fitted Jack Guisso dress with see through side panels.  She looked amazing.

Seriously, I am sure she has had some work done as this is Hollywood – the land of smoke and mirrors; but I truly believe that Fonda’s healthful eating and exercise regimen for most of her life certainly has something to do with it. 

If not, she drinks from the fountain of youth; and I’d like to get me some of that Kool-Aid.

Only six more weeks until Oscar comes to town and I can hardly wait.

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