Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crushing Hard: RHBH Fashion, Big Blonde Hair, and Michelle Jonas travelwear

Admittedly, I am a sucka for reality television: Especially the Real Housewives franchise.  Right now, I can not get enough of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.   As I have posted before  http://allthingsfashionating.blogspot.com/2011/08/when-does-reality-tv-become-too-real.html, I am a huge fan. 

The drama unfolding on this season of RHBH is almost more than I can take and I find myself wanting so much more at the end of each episode.  (I may find myself in therapy along with Taylor when this season actually concludes.)

Despite the fracas that went on at Kyle's White Party, the fact that Taylor and Russell are headed for "splitsville" and not to mention Russell's inevitable demise, I was excited for the girls' Hawaii trip to celebrate Mauricio's birthday; However, I found myself "Jonas-ing" to find out who Camille and Brandi were wearing on their first night on Lanai.

First, I was a bit disappointed that there was no catty comments on the fact that both women showed up in the same maxi dress -- Camille in tie dye green and Brandi in black.  Perhaps, the faux pas ended up edited on the cutting room floor due to all the other drama which was about to ensue. 
Michelle Jonas Keyhole Maxi

But, I mean, even in my normal Southern California existence, if two of my gal pals showed up in the same outfit, there would be a barrage of snide comments and debate on who wore it better.  But, alas, the highlight of Part I in Hawaii seemed to be what Camille and Brandi wore to  the beach next day, which could be defined as very little, and Taylor's call to Kyle and Lisa letting them tearfully know that her marriage was over. 

But, it wasn't the beach outfits that I was obsessing over, it was the keyhole maxi dresses.  I did search after search -- even going directly to Bloomies, Saks and Barneys website to see if I could get score the details -- but with  no luck until I found the Big Blond Hair Blog http://bigblondehair.com

The site focuses on the style of the Real Housewives franchise -- as well as other Reality Television stars -- and reveals which designer brands these style icons are wearing.  But the best part is that the Big Blond Hair Blog tells how you can score the real deal or less expensive version.  Brilliant.

I found that the dress in question was designed by Michelle Jonas travelwear http://www.michellejonas.com
(check out the dress in the promo) right here in sunny Los Angeles.  With a realistic price point and a Caribbean trip just around the corner, I had hopes that this sassy frock could be mine.

Sadly, the green tie dye version is out of stock, but it is completely understandable as that number was hot.  But, as I mentioned, the Big Blond Hair Blog gave me other Michelle Jonas options as well as one super cute number on sale at Vicoria's Secret. http://bigblondehair.com/style/brandi-glanville-camille-grammers-hawaii-keyhole-maxi-dress.

All in all, I was disappointed to know that the maxi dress would not be mine but I was ecstatic to know that I had found a great fashion resource.

I can't wait to see what the RHBH will be wearing next week and will surely be checking back in with the Big Blond Hair Blog.  I may not have a 90210 zip code, but I can sure as hell dress like I do.

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