Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Fashionating Creed to Wear My Life By

Nicole Richie got me thinking about my own sense of style. 

I completely respected her risk-taking at the Golden Globes by foregoing Prada, Gucci or Lanvin and wearing designer Julien MacDonald. MacDonald -- whose fashion roots run deep at Chanel, Lagerfield and as Alexander McQueen's successor at Givency -- has been concentrating on his own label that has grown strong since 2004.  However, he is no fashion power house yet; although, I have no doubt that he will be one day soon.

But, it was Richie's daring to carry her own line, a House of Harlow clutch, and promote her disheveled pony (a big hit for the night) courtesy of Suave Professionals hair products, that made me take notice...and she looked fantastic.

Suddenly, and I know this sounds corny as hell, but my "fashion" mission statement suddenly popped into my mind.  I had this burning urge to have a creed to live by and it was important for me to give it a voice.

To me, fashion is about putting pieces together to create a look or style that makes people stop and take notice because, for some reason, it just works and makes me stand out. The key is not necessarily how much something costs, but using pieces that each have a distinct role to play in creating an appealing ensemble. The garments that cause this reaction can be hand-made, vintage, inexpensive and even expensive designer pieces. 

The purpose of my style is to construct cutting-edge outfits by using my own vision and intuition; It is not just about buying ready-made outfits off the mannequin. On occasion, I succumb to mass trends, but only if they are inspiring to me.
I live for fashion and sometimes find it overwhelming and exhausting to stay on-trend because you are only as stylish as your last extraordinary outfit; however, without it, my life would not be worth wearing.

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