Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crushing Hard: Edina Kiss

There is definitely something to be said about Six Degrees of Separation.

Before the holidays, I was visiting my friend Robyn in Santa Barbara.  We were engrossed in idle chit chat when it somehow came up in conversation that a friend of hers – Lori – was hosting a jewelry event in Hermosa Beach. 

This happens to be where I live, which is more than 100 miles away from where Robyn, who previously lived in Hermosa, lives now.

Coincidentally, my son Shane is a classmate of Lori’s son.  Neither of us had any idea there was a connection.
Nothing too earth shattering at that point, but then Robyn started showing me her jewelry created by designer Edina Kiss and it blew me away.

Edina Kiss Designs creates modest jewelry – necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings – that are simple yet out of this world with style.
According to the Edina Kiss website (http://www.edinakiss.com), “Her pieces are designed with beautiful and natural stones such as Amethyst, Lemon Quartz and Citrine.  She also used Fresh Water Cultured Pearls and Swarovski Crystals cocooned in fine strands of gold and sterling silver which serve to distinguish her collections from other jewelry lines on the market.”

I was so happy when I received an invitation from Lori to attend her Edina Kiss event; however, I was disappointed when I realized that it conflicted with long-standing commitment that I had.

So, as the holiday approached, I was so busy and put my Edina Kiss obsession on the back-burner until I got an email from another close friend Natalie.
Both Natalie and I were invited to a Girl’s Only Holiday Gift Exchange.  This is an annual event hosted by our friend Tracy and there aren’t any white elephant or gag gifts involved in this one ladies.  Each participant is expected to bring a gift valued at $100: The catch is that all of these gifts are super nice and I would actually use the word exchange loosely to describe this event – steal is probably a better word to define the shenanigans that go on – yet it is a blast.

So, on this occasion, Natalie sent me an email with a picture of Edina Kiss’ alexandra collection gold horseshoe necklace, which was going to be her gift for the exchange.
Edina Kiss’ alexandra collection gold horseshoe necklace
I became fixated with this necklace and decided right then and there that I would do anything to win this design. However, it was stolen from me mere moments after I unwrapped the gift, and savored the experience of holding the glistening gold up to my neck.  Although I did leave with a wonderful gift, I was sad that the gold horseshoe necklace eluded me.

Although I know that one day it will be mine.
Yet that is not the end of my tale of Six Degrees and it gets even better.

A few weeks ago while at a basketball game, Lori actually introduced me to jewelry designer Edina Kiss – live and in-person.  She was super sweet and I let her know that the gold horseshoe necklace had been a huge hit at the Girls Gift Exchange.
I truly love to support local artists in my community – especially talented women – who work hard to create something so beautiful and do what they love. 

But, I am not uncovering some rare gem,  Edina Kiss Designs has been mentioned in top fashion magazines such as Marie Claire, Elle, InStyle, Life & Style, and Page 6 just to name a few.
She also has a Philanthropic side. According to the Edina Kiss website, her Cure Collection was designed exclusively for the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance (TS Alliance). “Twenty percent of all proceeds from the Cure Collection are donated to the TS Alliance to support its quest to find a cure the devastating genetic disorder that causes tumors to form in various vital organs, often leading to the development of epilepsy, autism and learning and behavioral problems.”

The jewelry alone had me hooked but, once I factored in all the positive attributes of the designer, I realized that I had happenstanced upon a small world – Kiss Degrees of Separation.

Edina Kiss Designs are available to purchase at http://www.edinakiss.com

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