Friday, June 3, 2011

Tropical Smells Can Protect Sun-Drenched Skin and Make it Dazzle

Three weeks from today, I will be laying on a tropical beach in the Caribbean.   I love the smells of the beach and can’t wait for the aroma of the sand, ocean and…suntan lotion?  Not so much anymore.  The truth of the matter is that the new spray lotions just don’t smell as good as our suntan lotion of yesteryear. But that is why I fell in love with Hawaiian Tropic ® products last year. 

Now, I’m not talking about their SPF 0 Dark Tanning Oil; my baby oil days are over.

But for years, I often wondered why lotion and/or suntan lotion manufacturers weren’t making a lotion with SPF.  Not sunscreens mind you, but lotions.  After I had my son and we spent a lot of time outdoors all year long, I really wanted this kind of product.  I wanted the lightness of a lotion but that protected my body – such as my arms, legs, neck and chest – from the sun.

I was delighted when such a product came out on the market. The first one that I tried out was Lubriderm with SPF 15.  It worked quite well and was cost-effective, and I was extremely happy with it until I read about Hawaiian Tropic ® Sheer Touch Lotion last spring.

The product worked just as well but went one step further.  The lotion is infused with an exotic blend of floral and fruit to provide your skin with optimal coverage, and it also smells like coconut. Yum!

The only bummer is that it is formulated with their patented SunSure Technology®, which means that it will surely make your manicure tacky.  [See my previous post dated 3/10/2011]  But some of the other positive features are that it is water resistant, has invisible sheer touch formula, and it is oil free and non-greasy.

Another great bit of info is that Sheer Touch Lotion comes in different levels of SPF: 15, 30 and 50.

This past weekend, I was at an outdoor fair and was handed samples of a new Hawaiian Tropic ® product. I was beaming like a ray of sunshine when I saw that it was a Shimmer Effect Lotion in SPF 20 and 40.  This product has prestige mica minerals as it enhances and highlights your skin tone while offering all the same benefits as my Sheer Touch Lotion. I actually put some on when I went to the beach on Monday and it made my body glisten. 

While researching this post, I also read on the Hawaiian Tropic’s ® website that there is also Sheer Touch Crème – same type of product as the lotion except that it is extra hydrating for your skin. 

In addition, they offer Shimmer Effect After The Sun Lotion but, get this; it comes with the prestige mica minerals plus smells like coconut and papaya.  I am actually licking my lips as I am about to write “Lime Coolada” another After The Sun Moisturizer with aloe and cocoa butter but sans the mica minerals. 

Lastly, in case you spend all afternoon only wearing the Dark Tanning Oil in SPF 0, the website suggests an After Sun Cooling Gel from too much sun.  The cooling gel is vitamin enriched and will rehydrate sun-drenched skin.

I just can’t wait to pack my bags with all these Hawaiian Tropic ® goodies.  I know that I will be protected from the sun and able to slather on these super moisturizing lotions after a day at the beach.  But with all the exotic and fruity smells, I hope I don’t mistake my Coolada for a Colada.  Somehow I suspect these products aren’t as good for you on the inside as they are on the outside.

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