Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Colorful Spring Fashions: Haute Off the Runway

Colors, colors, colors…I love all the vibrant hues that are all the rage this fashion season: Haute Pink, Cool Melon and Lemon Yellow were just a few of the shades that Marc, Zac and Miuccia Prada all represented on their runways this SS11 Season.

Every advertisement on television, magazines and billboards reveal people wearing color, even reflections of street style show the average Joe rocking these magnificent colors, except me.
I am a so monochromatic and I just can’t help it.  Almost every day – especially to work – I wear black, gray or cream/white and sometimes…I mean sometimes…a splash of color.  When I was in college, I always wore black because, as I would say then, “I am in mourning for my life.”
Well today, I live in sunny Southern California and spend most of my time outside so I have no excuse why I’m not the bright light of my life.  I mean, being a compulsive shopper, I have purchased my fair share of effervescent Spring fashion but it is just sitting in my closet with the tags dangling.
Although, I have to give myself some props: my first colorful purchase of the season, which I have been wearing pretty much non-stop ever since, was earlier this winter.  At a sample sale, I bought a magenta-colored Tano bag ( that was like a cool drink of water.  From the minute, I tried this bag, in which the leather felt like butter on my arm, I had to have it.  Since they only took cash, this meant actually leaving the sale and going to the closest ATM.  Seriously, I haven’t actually carried cash or been to a bank in forever. The bucket-style purse is my go to bag and, I am proud to say, I actually wear it even if it does not matchy-match with my entire outfit.  
I also purchased a bunch of tops in every class of cnidarians – the many shades of coral.  I have this belief that any color pink which fades to coral and then to orange on the Pantone spectrum looks good on me. I also believe that yellow is my new go to color for this season, not to mention all the floral tops, skirts and dresses I now own.
But I just don’t put them on in the morning.  For some reason, my favorite black boyfriend cardigan, black trousers – in any style since I own (no joke) about 10 pair – with black and gray color blocked flats are my work uniform.
I’m a little better on the weekends, but typically adding a brightly colored tank with a neon scarf, boyfriend jeans and thongs.  Hello, weekend uniform.
So I am making a pact with myself – right here, right now – to get some color back in my life.
But, I know there are some neon rules that need to be taken into consideration. For example, if you are wearing one bold color such as a dress or two bold top and bottom, please keep everything else simple.  Don’t pick a brightly colored article of clothing with ruffles or loud designs, it is all about simple aesthetics.  For accouterments, go nude…well not like how it sounds…choose nude or neutral-colored shoes and purse. Same thing with jewelry: go minimal.
 Another issue to worry about is how to wear make-up and hair. Since I have a fair complexion, I also need to think about those hues washing me out.  In order to avoid such a dilemma, I choose lip and cheek color that emulates the tones in your clothes. This is not to say you need to match to a T, but keep it in the family if you know what I mean.
Rule of thumb: these bright colors should pop on your face and complement your look.  So put the pop in your eyes or on your lips to do the trick – but remember to keep your lips nude if in doubt.
Also beware of colors that have red in them.  Personally, there are some browns that I just can’t wear because they have too much red and make me look like I have pink eye.  Similarly, I have a coral colored shadow from Mac that makes me look like I went against Brad Pitt in fight club.   The best thing to do is play around with this palette by using your face as the canvas, this way you can cultivate a color sense.
Hair is easy; just keep it simple if you are rolling out in bright colors.  Keep it straight or a low pony.
So with all this self-effacing advice under my belt -- okay an entirely different trend in which I have a gazillion and never, ever wear (but that will be a future post) – I am committed to this new mid-spring resolution.  So the next time you see me on the street, I won’t be wearing black or gray or tan from head to tow, I will be working the runway of my life in color.

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