Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Keeping It Real In Jersey

They're baaaaaccckk!

Last night, I got a chance to watch the season premier of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. (RHONJ)

As my husband Jason said, "What a train wreck." But like any other major catastrophe, it is very difficult to not look.

This season, Dina and Danielle are gone and, at first, I was extremely disappointed. I could they live up to the same level of drama without that nut job Danielle.  Boy, if I had bet you a pork roll egg and cheese sandwich, I would have been wrong.

Now being a "former" Jersey girl myself, I am actually quite shocked that New Jersey has gained so much popularity in the reality TV genre.  No, I don't personally watch the MTV show Jersey Shore which is the annoying question that people always ask me when they find out I hail from NJ. But Jason - who is born and raised in SoCal - watches it. However, I think Jersey Shore is responsible for the garden state's five minutes of fame, but RHONJ was the clincher because it was wildly popular last season - even beating out some of the original Housewives ratings.   Then there was a show at a bridal shop in Freehold where my paisanos are from, so I had to be a loyal follower.  But that fizzled along with all the other ones, and now I am just left with another season of those NJ housewives; And you know what, I love it.

I was not disappointed by the addition of Melissa and Kathy - both relatives of Teresa.

[Disclaimer: Do Not Read Any Further If You Plan to Watch the Show.]

The show opens with our favorite Teresa going to congratulate her brother and sister-in-law, the new Melissa, on the christening of their son. Teresa's brother Joe, who is drunk, tells her to walk away and calls her a piece of garbage. 

From there, a full-out rumble ensues while children stand around crying and old people are about to have heart attacks.  Classic and, I can honestly say, pretty realistic.  I mean, it brought back memories of my own family events.

After the fist fight at the christening, the show goes back in time one week. 

It starts with Teresa - at a book signing - talking about being the bread winner while her husband Joe is working at a pizzeria. She said they had to file bankruptcy but, the question we all want answered, no, they didn't lose the house. 

Then we are introduced to the brother Joe and his family (I mean come on, how many Joes can you have in one show) and Melissa talks about how good her Joe treats her but if she isn't a good Italian wife he's not happy.  She said he wants a hot meal on the table when he gets home from work, the kids clean and her looking hot.  Just my thoughts: Is he careful to hide the bruises and Goodfellas pops into my mind.

Then we meet Kathy - Joe and Teresa's cousin - and her family.  Kathy seems pretty mild - a little too Switzerland for me, I predict she is going to stir the pot.

Things are pretty status quo with Jacqueline and her family except that her deadbeat daughter is interning for Lizzy Grubman - who - not to be mean - looks beat.  Ashley cries when her mom comes to see her at work because Lizzie said Ashley has an attendance issue.  Ashley states that if her family finances an apartment in NYC, she would make it to work every day.  Yeah right.  Obviously, her idea was shot down hence all the tears.

Caroline's storyline was the least interesting this week.  I think the fact that the Christening fight happened at The Manor was the most exciting aspect of the Manzo family's involvement in this episode.  Both of her adult sons are moving into an apartment in Hoboken, which is probably about a half hour from Franklin Lakes, and she started balling like a baby.  In my opinion, it is women like this that are dragging NJ guys down. I mean, when do you cut the cord? They are in their 20s, it is time to move on and be happy.  Enjoy that empty nest and tell those guys not to let the door hit them in the ass.

Overall, this first episode surpassed my expectations and left me wanting more.  I don't know if I will be able to contain myself for another week - maybe I should call my peeps at the shore and start a little NJ drama of my own.

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