Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ahhh, The Sweet Life of Dolce Vita

As I have posted in previous blogs, I have a bit of an obsession with shoes.  Basically, my philosophy is that I will – for the most part – invest in purchasing high-end shoes and purses.  The exception to the rule belies anything too trendy; in that case, I will not be too picky as to where I shop.

My closet is full of luxury designs but, with the economy making its slow recovery, I have been trying to be conscientious of my spending habits yet still trying to be on trend with this spring/summer’s hottest fashions.

But one of my sweetest discoveries this season is Dolce Vita. 

Dolce Vita –a footwear and clothing line -- which according to its website, brings a nonchalant attitude towards fashion that is effortlessly stylish yet delightfully flirty. By showcasing chic styles, this brand stands out among its competition.

Dolce Vita is the brand’s luxury line, with DV by Dolce Vita its mid-priced line.  They also have a DV Kids line but, the jury is still out on that one as I wasn’t able to check out any of the styles before publishing this post.

The author and her shoes
I found Dolce Vita by happenstance.  The fam and I were driving home from a spring ski trip in Mammoth.  I had five glorious hours to catch up on all my fashion rags that had been piling up.  A PIPERLIME ad in Lucky Magazine brought my newest conquest – the Sancia platform sandal – to my attention.  It was one of those shoes that I could imagine wearing with EVERYTHING in my closest.  No new outfits needed to accommodate these bad boys.  At $165, they were just a bit more then I wanted to spend at the moment, but I was oh so ready to pull the trigger. 

In my head, I knew that I needed – yes, that is right, I needed -- a pair of comfy espadrille wedge sandals for work.  I ended up with the Toni in black and I have not looked back. Seriously, these are the most comfortable shoes I own at the moment and they go with everything from jeans to dress pants.  For $79, I know I made the right choice.

Then I had to make that emergency trip back to New Jersey and new shoes were the last thing on my mind.  So when I returned back to sunny Southern California, I saw that PIPERLIME ad again and thought, after what I just went through, I deserve those Sancia sandals.  (Yes, folks that would be justification but if you don’t feel guilty about a purchase, was it really worth it?) Well, it was my lucky day, because when I logged on, they were on sale. So I could not delay the inevitable for another moment and, just like the Toni’s, they feel like but-ter.  Ok, kind of a gross analogy, squashing butter between your toes…but the reality is the Sancia has these little cushion pads that remind me of these shoes I used to get from Fayva as a kid. (I am so dating myself right now and hey, I grew up in NJ – not LA – so we didn’t wear LA GEAR but G.A.S.S. shoes – you know you’re jealous.)

But back to the future, I love, love, love these shoes and, if that didn’t reveal how obsessed I am, I actually picked up another pair for Mother’s Day.  These too are the DV by Dolce Vita line quite sassy, but not necessarily work shoes.  The Florence is a pair of high heeled sandals – stacked on a macramé platform – in nude. They run $95 but I snagged them on sale, which makes me like them even better.

If you want to experience the decadence of Dolce Vita and DV by Dolce Vita shoes, they can be found at their flagship stores located in Los Angeles, New York and Seattle. But if you aren’t located in a big city, select Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom carry the line in their stores; yet don't fret, you are guaranteed to find them online at RevolveClothing (, Shopbob (, and Piperlime (

Now that my husband has officially banned me from buying any more shoes this season; it doesn’t matter because I am all set.  I acquired three hot pairs of shoes for less than the cost of one pair from Barneys so, as far as I’m concerned, I got one sweet deal of a lifetime.

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