Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hey You! Yeah, I'm Talking to You... Do Whatever You Can to Prevent Breast Cancer!

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to share some information with you.
I think almost every person out there has had the "Big C" affect one or more peeps in their lives.  My family has lost some very important people -- such as my mother- and father-in-law -- to lung cancer.
Most recently, my Aunt Beth was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Due to her annual mammogram, she caught it early -- at stage one -- and is in the process of battling it as I write these words.
Ladies, we must focus on early detection and healthy habits to win this war.  Breast cancer experts say that by implementing these 10 rules to live by, you can help minimize your risk:
                         1.               Stay Slim.
                         2.               Exercise.
                         3.               Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
                         4.               DON'T SMOKE.
                         5.               Do self breast exams.
                         6.               Respect your genetic history.
                         7.               Sleep.
                         8.               Moderate drinking of alcohol.
                         9.               GET MAMMOGRAMS.
                        10.              Get screened for everything else.
*Data provided by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation
However, breast cancer today does not discriminate and several of my closest gal pals have found themselves face-to-face with this devil even though they don't fit the typical profile and were healthy to boot.  With aggressive treatments and love, sweat and tears, they are survivors but not without a fight and sometimes the story does not have a happy ending.
My friend Jennifer Scarlet Buchsbaum honors her cousin Karen on her website.  Karen lost her battle with breast cancer and, she had the unthinkable happen, she left a young child motherless. 
Please visit Jenn's site for her amazing jewelry line in which she says the following:
"In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 39% off all purchases made at www.jlynn-jewelry.com during the month of October will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Enter PINK at check out and you will also get 20% off your purchase. To find out why I chose to donate 39% please read my latest blog post..."
I implore every female reader out there to heed this post and truly know that prevention and early detection can help to save your life; Isn't it worth saving?

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