Monday, November 21, 2011

Crushing Hard: Sephora's Blockbuster Make-up Palette

Dear Santa (hint, hint Jason),
All I want for Christmas is Sephora's Make-up Studio Blockbuster palette. 

This palette contains:
- 96 eye shadow shades
- 84 shiny lip glosses
- 6 cream eyeliners
- 2 eyeliner pencils
- 3 blushes
- 1 bronzer
- 1 mascara
- 4 applicators

According to Sephora's website, the palette -- designed in gay Paris -- by Sephora's beauty team is an array of colors to inspire the make-up artist in each of us.  From subdued natural tones to trendy hues, you will have all the colors you need to create a face that is tres chic.

With this collection of make-up which retails for only $49.50, I will be sitting pretty while ringing in the New Year.

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