Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ATF Introduces Fashion Facsimile Animal-Style

I have been to the White House but didn’t buy anything on the Black Market. Translation: I have been to White House/Black Market but never purchased anything there. 

White House/Black Market Dress
Last weekend, I caught a glimpse of a White House/Black Market commercial on television.  I saw a leopard spotted top that caught my eye.  Surprisingly, even though I have never shopped at that store, I had received a catalogue in the mail that day as well.

I got the feeling that this top had to be mine…I mean, look at all the signs.

So I went to the website and realized that it was actually a dress.  As much as I thought it was sassy, I really wasn’t in the Black Market for a frock.  Plus the price tag – which was a Benjamin and some change – wasn’t in my budget. 
But, I started obsessing over finding a similar top.

I searched high and low on the Net, but couldn’t find a substitute.  However, a quick drop-in at F21 on Monday night gave me my fix.  I found the perfect substitute – even if it wasn’t a tie neck blouse – which I think limited the versatility of the top anyway. Not to mention the $15 price tag.  Say what?

I paired my new top with a vintage Chloé skirt and my old reliable Louboutin C'est Moi booties and wha-la, I had a fashion facsimile.

Fashion Facsimile
I accessorized with a chunky gold chain that I got from the hubby on Valentine’s Day along with these wonderful pearl drop earrings from my sis-in-law for my birthday and my favorite Gucci bag tied it all together.

It was so an-i-mal!

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