Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All Things Fashionating Celebrates Its First Birthday

Well, today, it has been one whole year since I officially launched my blog about nothing.

Ultimately, I am very proud of it and so happy that I have been dedicated to keep up with my writing about things that I find fascinating. Obviously, my primary focus is fashion, entertainment with a little pop culture thrown into the mix of my own personal story. But, on the same note, I can only imagine what would happen if I was able to devote more time to my blog.

Now, I know I shouldn't beat myself up over such things. I’m supposed to focus on what I have accomplished and not dwell on those things that I have not...yet. However, I can’t help but have this feeling that, with a little perseverance, ATF could be so much more so I keep plugging along.

I want to thank those of you whom have been loyal readers of ATF from the very beginning. I truly appreciate each and every one of you and implore you to keep following me. I dream big and I know that eventually I will cultivate this little blog into something more substantial.

In the meanwhile, stick around. I will be posting my top three ATF blogs of all time this week to give myself a little reprieve and explore some other fashionating topics.

[Side note: OK, since Blogger still perplexes me, I inadvertently posted my most popular post YSL Fashion Documentary is Mad With Love


which received 242 page views.  You'd think that, after a year, I'd know enough to not pull the trigger prematurely but, hey, what can I say when I get excited, I just can't control myself.  I will throw in the fourth most popular ATF post of all time this Friday.]
Live long and prosper...Nanoo, nanoo!

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