Monday, February 6, 2012

Crushing Hard: Sebastian Shaper Plus

Back when I was in 11th Grade, I worked part-time at GG clothing store in the mall.  I thought the world of my assistant manager Jackie.  From her cheetah-print pink BONGO jeans to the zippy little Porsche she drove to her flawless Jersey hair. 

I could have the jeans, but not the Porshe or the hair; however, I tried my best to emulate her perfect 80s "do" by using Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus hairspray.  It is such a great product that -- for more than two decades -- I still use it religiously ...just a little more sparingly.

Sebastian Shaper Plus Hair Spray is the styling product professionals can't live without. Twenty-four hour control that's never stiff or sticky and holds up in high humidity. The original strong hold is my favorite.

Recently, I bought a knock-off the my fav spray and suffered through two months of just adequate hair.  Last week, I ran to the beauty supply store to replensih my stock and it was like seeing an old friend after a long time.

My hair is happy too because now it is finally back in super shape.

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