Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One Fashionable Gal Takes a Close(t) Look At Frivelous Spending: Is Abstinence the Best Policy?

This past weekend, I found myself standing in my closet contemplating my inventory.

First, I am happy to report that I am quite satisfied with what I have going on in my closet right now; although, I have found myself at a cross roads.  Lots of pretty clothes, but nowhere to go!  Yet, I think that is where the universe wants me to be right now.
Shoe Whore
As Rachel and I count down the days to our half-marathon, I have found myself plagued with a plethora of nagging, minor injuries.

I looked upon my shoe shelves salivating at the stacks of stilettos and platforms which I am unable to strut right now.
If I am not suffering from a pulled muscle somewhere in my legs – after 8 hours of walking the catwalk of my life – I find myself nursing tight hamstrings or a pulled calf muscle.  So I have shelved those bad boys.

On my way to work a few weeks ago, I had to stop short on the freeway.  No biggie!  I escaped a fender bender and only suffered a mild rush of adrenaline; only to get to work to have a pulled groin from slamming on the breaks.

So – in just one week – my closet will, once again, open a whole world of dress up to me that I have missed over the past three months.

With fall and cooler temperatures upon us, I am so excited to pull out my warm sweaters, buttery boots, furry vests and felt fedoras. 

Last year, I felt that I had stocked up quite sufficiently on my winter wear and feel that I only need to acquire a few things on my wish list to become complete.  Good thing because, since we bought the house, I have pulled in the reigns and have been much better about spending frivolously on fashion.  Now, we spend all our extra cash at Home Depot but THAT is another story, for another day.

Interestingly, the Atlantic Wire reports that, despite the double-dip recession, insatiable consumers are still making nonsensical purchases.

As third quarter earnings are reported, numbers reveal that sales are up in the luxury item industry.  It seems that consumers are cutting back on necessities such as diapers and green cleaning products in order to indulge in cosmetics, high-end hand bags and …not surprisingly… designer alcohol.  I mean, I did by me some bottles of Skinnygirl Margarita over the past three months.

According to Kevin Mansell, chief executive of Kohl’s, in the Atlantic Wire article, “The psychology of the customer is you can – I hate to sound too esoteric here – but you can improve your outfit or dress up your outfit without buying a new outfit by buying a new handbag.
“It makes people feel better.”
Shoes, shoes, shoes!
Well, Mansell has me pegged and, although I am a self-proclaimed “equal opportunity shopper,” I do prefer high-end hand bags and most likely wouldn’t be caught dead carrying a handbag from Kohl’s. 

For the sake of not sounding like an absolute snob, I do purchase my running shoes and socks from Kohl’s.  Different strokes for different folks – there are certain stores for certain purchases as far as I’m concerned.

I like to buy things that catch my eye and look good on me whether they are from Target, H&M, Forever 21 or Barneys, Saks or Bloomies.  Also, I refuse to buy anything without feeling like I am getting a deal.  It is an addiction.

The bottom line is that, along with the masses, I have also cut back on frivolous spending (which is why I am at Kohl’s buying my sneakers) and overall am always looking for the best deal when doing what I do best -- consuming.  It is not a successful purchase unless I feel as though I got a “deal.” Although that old saying remains true, abstinence is the best policy.

So, this Sunday, I’ll be running toward the finish line in anticipation of a well-stocked, but neglected closet.

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