Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunshine in a Tube

Description: Jergens® natural glow express Body MoisturizerMy friend Rachel and I share a brain most of the time. One of the things that we completely agree upon is sunless tanning.  She and I will go to great lengths to look like sun kissed Goddesses without worrying about damaging and cancer causing UV Rays.  However, I think that Rachel has been much braver than me on the experimenting side.  She has given everything a try from airbrush tanning – both organic and non-organic – to spray tans – both at the salon and in the bottle.  So when she said she was ah-dicted to a somewhat new sunless tanning lotion – new to me – Jergens® Natural Glow Express, I had to give it a try. 

In anticipation of possibly laying by the pool in Vegas – which sadly did not happen – I went to the tanning salon and did a spray tan.  I picked up the Natural Glow Express – which should not be confused with Jergens® Natural Glow, which is da bomb too, but doesn’t work as fast— to maintain my spray tan.  When I realized there would be no pool time and I was nursing a wicked hang-over, I decided to forgo the daily applications.

But last Thursday, the weather report said sunny and 80 degrees all weekend, so I slathered that lotion on like a drowning woman.  By Saturday morning, I was shocked to see that it had either rejuvenated my spray tan from last week or the “EXPRESS” is no joke.

So ladies, get yourselves out there to the drug store and buy yourself some sunshine in a tube and sunny skies that are safe will be yours again.

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