Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Girls Gone Holiday Wild

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Edina Kiss Rose Gold Earrings with Smokey Quartz, $45

Every year, one of my besties Tracy has an all-girls holiday gift exchange.  Thoughts of a white elephant gift exchange may be conjured up in your mind and, if you aren’t familiar with the term “White Elephant” – according to Wikipedia – it is an idiom for a valuable but burdensome possession of which its owner cannot dispose and whose cost (particularly the cost of up keep) is out of proportion to its worth.

I still have a sombrero chip and dip platter that I scored at a family reunion many moons ago, so you catch my drift.

Well, Tracy’s party ain’t your grandmother’s white elephant gift exchange.

The premise is sort of a favorite things party.  Each woman – who wants to participate (as it is optional) – brings a nice gift valued at about $100.  Each player then selects a number based on how many participants are partaking in the festivities and predetermines the order.  Each woman can select a gift from under the tree or steal a gift from another gal. From there, it gets pretty wild, especially when the wine gets flowing.

Tracy has some ground rules but it is so fun to watch how “us” (and I include myself) women can get so catty by stealing gift after gift until it is locked.  Meow!

This party is such a guilty pleasure of mine and I always leave feeling happy and with a luxury gift that I wouldn’t normally splurge on for myself.

This year was no exception and the gifts were plentiful:  there were lots of fun vests, a shearling coat, Lululemon wares, bejeweled purses, gift cards and even a brand-new crisp $100 bill…along with some lottery tickets.  Fun!

Although part of the challenge for me is coming up with a gift idea that will incite a riot among the party goers.  

This year, I was pret-ty happy with my contribution which was Edina Kiss Jewelry: the 3-toned connected bangle and 20K Golf-filled hammered hoops.

Edina Kiss is a Manhattan Beach-based jewelry designer who started creating her designs as a hobby but soon became overwhelmed by the number of people who inquired about buying her jewelry. Today, her designs can be seen on women everywhere – even some of the hottest celebrities and models.  Edina Kiss designs have even been showcased in such publications as Elle, Marie Claire, InStyle, Life & Style just to name a few.

Edina Kiss pieces are designed with beautiful natural stones such as Amethyst, Lemon Quartz and Citrine. She also uses Fresh Water Cultured Pearls and Swarovski Crystals cocooned in fine strands of gold and sterling silver which serve to distinguish her collections from other jewelry lines on the market.

Right now, along with her latest collection, Edina Kiss is showcasing 24 gifts that sparkle at 
It would be hard not to find the perfect gift for every woman on your list and, unlike the girls gift exchange, you won’t have to put up a fight.



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