Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashionably Fashionating Fridays – The Wonder of Rachel Zoe’s New Collection

Zoe Gown:Weird how all the models look like her!

You can imagine my surprise when I clicked the link to to check out the Look Book for Rachel Zoe’s new spring 2012 Natural Wonder collection.

 It was ingenious.

 The Look Book showcased nymph-esque models standing in a whimsical forest modeling pieces from the collection but, what was wondrous, is that the looks were animated.

A muse dips her hand in a stream and caresses the water while a soft breeze blows the ruffles on her blouse and tendrils of her hair.  Mist envelopes a model as she leans against a rock wall in a super chic off-the-should zebra print top and matching slouchy pants. Women in every frame of the story land depiction are in motion.

According to, Zoe’s collection Natural Wonder proves natural beauty is the most striking form of art.  Rachel Zoe’s creations paint a picture of true glamor.  The überstylists’s latest looks channel your inner goddess – celebrating your untamed femininity and passion for luxury – for an infusion of everyday brilliance.

 Ok, the description is a little over the top but I dig the collection.  As I have posted before, it is a bit of the same of what Zoe produced last year with her first year collections: tie blouses, maxi dresses and flair pants. However, there is certainly a fresh breeze blowing with some new flair for spring.

I am in love with Zoe’s poppy colored off-the-shoulder gown made of silk and rayon which retails for $795.  Also, the pairing of an asymmetric ruffle print dress, $395, with a sequined cardigan, $450, is aesthetically pleasing to my senses.  Vibrant hues like royal blue – including the aforementioned zebra print – and crimson lend the collection that little pop of color which it is desperately lacking. 

 Yet, being a monochromatic girl myself, I think the Natural Wonder collection is magnificently succinct and certainly represents a menagerie of colors and styles that are on trend for this spring.

 Isn’t it just wonderful?

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