Monday, August 29, 2011

Crushing Hard

Good News from J Crew

Every once in a while, I see something that I must have at all costs.  (Sorry Jason!)

Last weekend, I glimpsed a pair of pants in Glamour Magazine and thought, “I would be a better fashionista if these were hanging in my closet.”  However, the pants were logged into my memory bank along with about a dozen other shoes, purses, jackets that I was crushing on…so buh-bye!

Image Credit: J Crew
So you can imagine my surprise when I found those exact pants pasted on one of my favorite blogs  This helped to bring those bad boys back to the fore-front of my mind and now I really had to have J Crew’s Café Capri in Bright Dahlia – the neon berry color.

I love the color as much as the tailored “City fit,” which according to J Crew, is the lowest rise that sits just above the hip.  These skinny trousers are fitted through the hip and thigh, with a cropped leg and cuff.

Last Sunday, I decided to go online to check them out; but they were gone.  On Friday, I was chatting online with a J Crew representative who told me they were sold out.  But I just couldn’t take no for an answer.  I decided to start phoning my local J Crew stores just to test my luck.

I struck out in El Segundo but, when I phoned The Grove location, I was connected to an online concierge service who found the last pair – in the WORLD (OK, I’m being a bit dramatic) – in my size.

I was giddy with the prospect of these pants actually being mine and embarrassed the representative with my good karma philosophy to ad nauseam.

This morning, I saw the email in my inbox letting me know that my new pants are on their way. I can barely contain my excitement and am secretly praying that they fit.

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