Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shop It To Me, Say What?

Last week, my gal pal Stefanie sent me -- and probably 20 of her closest friends -- an email inviting me to check out a website called Shop It To Me.  At first, I thought maybe it was a virus or a scam, so I did a little research first before I clicked the link.  When I realized it was legit, I was super stoked.

Shop It To Me is an online personal shopper – for men, women and children – that searches more than 700 brands and close to 200 retailers daily for sales on clothing, shoes and accessories. Wowza! 

You can find these blow out prices in two easy ways:  By perusing the website directly ( or you can elect to receive Salemails.

For Salemails, go to the site and create a free account and then fill out a profile, which lets you choose the specific brands, categories of clothing and accessories – from high-end fashion to your lower-end chains such as Old Navy.

Shop It To Me acts as a search engine and monitors websites, catalogues data, and pairs fashionistas up with their favorite apparel.  Depending on the frequency that you want to receive your Salemails, Shop It To Me will send you emails alerting you to sales based on your customized criteria.

According to its website, the founders “started Shop It To Me after having one too many frustrating experiences with online retailers.  We were tired of missing out on great sales. We didn’t have the hours every day to search the web for the latest deals, much less time to figure out which site had items in our size.  We wondered ‘why can’t we just give someone our preferences and have them search for deals for us.’”

So they did.  Shop It To Me, which is available in the U.S. and U.K., claims not to be a fashion site but a robust platform that leverages leading edge technology.  “In five years, the platform has grown to more than 3 million subscribers and we make 2 billion product recommendations every month,” as reported on its site.

Shop It To Me has been featured on Good Morning America, TODAY and Rachel Ray.  Also, in print, Lucky Magazine, In Style, O, Glamour, People StyleWatch among others.

Some highlights of the service are as follows: it is extremely easy to set up your profile; change your preferences; change the frequency of your individual Salemails™.  Personally,I felt that I had complete control over my profile and it was very user-friendly.

Also, after reading some of the site's blogs, I was eager to learn tips on how to customize the site to work to my advantage.  Some of these ideas included:  when you set up your profile click all brands to get the most varied selection; select multiple sizes; request Salemails™ twice a week; and shop early to avoid missing out on deals.

They also have an option to chat with a live fashion expert as if we need one; however, it is an option.

Finally, what got me fully committed, is that you can tell your friends about Shop It To Me by logging into your account and inviting friends. If you get enough friends to sign up, you will receive a gift card.

Talk about genius.

I have to be honest; one of my dream jobs and potential hobby was to become a stylist for my friends.  Good thing I have a day job because I think I would have become obsolete and lost all my clients to Shop It To Me. It is that good.

Visit Shop It To Me’s website at

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  1. I'm happy to report that after that last invite I sent out, 10 friends signed up for SITM and I just received my 2nd gift card from them...Nordy's. It is genius!! :)