Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gaga for Gucci

Have you ever wanted something so bad it hurt and you just knew there was no way you would ever get it.

Ok, I’m not talking about love – well at least not the kind of amore between lovers – but the love of something so materialistic, that you know it will make you feel euphoric if you owned it, that it is borderline obsession.

That is exactly how I felt when I saw Gucci’s Fall 2011 Ready To Wear (RTW) collection.

I fell fast and I fell hard.

Gucci Collection
There is just something about Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini’s collection that inspired me.  Perhaps it called upon that hippie chick that lies within me or simply the love of anything Marlene Dietrich; one can’t really tell where the ‘40s end and the ‘70s begin.

So, when I picked myself up off the floor, I tried to discern what it was that had attracted me to the Italian fashion house’s Fall frocks as I am not usually titillated by high-end apparel.  It was an extreme toss-up between the fur, the python and the rich jewel tones – lavender, violet, scarlet, magenta and mustard – the combination was just so tactile and appealing to my sense of style.

For a woman in her early 40s, I have found myself struggling to find my fashion identity.  As much as I truly love so many of the styles that are on-trend right now, I am constantly worried about looking too junior.  So when I glimpsed Giannini’s line, it just seemed so sexy and sophisticated to me – like dressing up in your mom’s clothing as a child – but being grown up enough to wear it.

Gucci Collection
I could actually envision myself attired in the pencil skirts, bow-tied silk blouses, covered with the multi-cut fitted jacket and, if I went one step further, with a fur cape and fedora.  

But realistically, the tailored separates – flared trousers, velvet blazers, sweater vests, shirtwaist dresses, and mid-calf-cut coats – all called to me.

Gucci’s Fall 2011 RTW evening line – which would fit into my lifestyle never – is filled with flowing, draping gowns that have leg slits so high that they almost bisect the gown with the sharp plunge of the necklines to naval baring proportions. 

Gucci Collection
But oh, the bags, be still my beating heart. The ‘jackie’ medium shoulder, Gucci ‘1973’ clutch with double g detail, and ‘seventies’ large tote, with its signature web detail, are all stand-outs in my opinion.  But my favorite bag, which I saw in the August 2011 edition of Lucky Magazine, was the ‘vintage seventies’ medium Boston bag with web detail. It was love at first sight.

The sad reality is that this collection is way out of my budget, which is what hurts so bad.  But alas, there is some hope for my achy breaky heart.

Now, when I first saw photos of the Gucci collezione hitting the Internet, one of Hollywood’s hottest stylists immediately came to my mind.  I thought the Gucci silhouette was so, like, Rachel Zoe two seasons ago; Even though Giannini credits her muse for this collection to be Florence Welch, the lead singer of Florence and the Machine.

Obviously, Zoe is front row at every fashion show – from New York to Milan to Paris – getting inspired by all the top designers, but I thought this was a very chicken before the egg or egg before the hippie chick concept – just some food for thought.

Could Zoe’s fashion élan be so daring and cutting-edge that she has, in turn, inspired one of the greatest fashion houses?

A question up for debate; however, with the looming approach of Fall and the depression of knowing that nary a Gucci design will be hanging in my closet this year, Zoe has actually launched a new, high-end line at Nieman Marcus.

Zoe has dabbled with selling apparel, jewelry, fur jackets and vests, among other items on the Home Shopping Network, but the collection at Nieman’s is certainly a step up with some credibility.

The price point of the collection is actually much friendlier for a girl on a budget – like myself.  The pieces are lacking the style and color of the Gucci collection, but it certainly exudes a similar feel.

Zoe also offers wide-leg trousers, bow-tie shirts, structured suits – I’m loving a white tuxedo – and multi-cut jackets in a variety of mixed media – such as faux fur, tweed and sequins. 

But being fashion forward means getting creative – even if that means being “inspired by” Gucci and even Zoe – to search out other designers who aren’t on the high-end of the price spectrum and put similar pieces together to create my own Marlene Dietrich goes to Studio 54 look.


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