Friday, January 2, 2015

Hallelujah, ATF has been Born Again!

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Well, it has been almost two years to the day since I last posted to my blog All Things Fashionating and, with the New Year ahead, I feel that it is a time for a new beginning.  I’m not a big believer of New Year’s resolutions, but I have resolved to breathe life back into my blog in 2015.  A lot has come to pass over the past two years but, some things never change, and that would be my love of writing and the desire to be creative.

It was nice to hang up my hat for a bit and enjoy some time without my wacky self-imposed deadlines.  But, after a while, it also afforded me the opportunity to do a little soul searching and ask myself, where did I want my writing to take me?

The easy part of that question is that I knew where I didn’t want it to take me.  As an English major and Journalism minor, I spent my first decade in Los Angeles working as a writer and an editor at a few publications around town.  I worked long hours – including midnights and weekends – and felt that the pay didn’t justify the lack of sleep or all the fun I had to pass on, time after time, because I was out chasing a story; so a career in journalism, as I knew it, was out.

However, at one bi-weekly newspaper, my monthly opinion columns were pieces that I enjoyed writing and were actually well received.  For the first time – before Blogger, Facebook and Twitter even existed – I actually had a following of readers.  So, the one thing I did realize in my heart of hearts is that I wanted to start write for myself about topics that interested me and for the enjoyment of others; Hence, the birth of the original ATF.

To me, writing is my religion.  I pretty much write in my journal every day and have been doing so since I was 18 years old.  Most of my entries are like going to confession – bitch sessions where I am able to beat the crap out of myself; but, on occasion, I am inspired to actually write something pious and profound, ok maybe poignant is a better definition, but you get my drift.

Last February, I joined a writing group and started working on a project which is… still a work in progress. The evolution is slow going at best but – it is moving forward none-the-less – so that makes me feel “somewhat” productive.

My writing project is the true catalyst for ATF’s rebirth.  I felt that it couldn’t hurt to get the creative juices flowing again by blogging on a regular basis.  ATFs message shall remain the same as I plan to continue to post about my real-life stories and adventures; notions of fashion and style; views on family; obsession with health and exercise; journey into spirituality; among the other topics that I find fashionating.  (Sorry I couldn’t resist.)  

But, if you are a disciple of ATF, you will also realize some big differences.  I have created pages now so that I can showcase my many other amours: my passion for fashionable items and girl crushes on oh, so pretty things; my newest addiction to triathlons and healthy living; the pipe dream that someday I will be a good photographer (but thank you camera+ for helping me to view my life through filtered lenses); my veracious reading habits; and the newest and scariest addition to ATF, Tracy’s Tid-Bits where I will post videos so you can get an up close and personal feel for the girl that I truly am today.

As I revive my blog, All Things Fashionating, I am excited to watch it grow and also plan to use it as a forum to share snippets of my writing project as it begins to gestate.  I will welcome any feedback that comes from the congregation, even if it is in tongues, because my ultimate goal is to get published and, without my readers, that will never happen.

Can I get an Amen?

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  1. Exciting! Looking forward to seeing your photography work too. 👍